Loki's Goodbye

So I do have a fvcking clue of how start this

First of all, the reason
So today is my last day at home, I’m going to “military service” (is obligatory, and is one of the most stupid cuban things) and I’m not gonna me able to use my phone so I’m leaving the game till August next year(which is really a lot to me tbh) I’m gonna come home From time to time, I will check the forum and see the new things but I don’t think I will use my time playing

My account is gonna be played by a friend, a nice guy who u guys even not gonna met cause he doesn’t use forum, and he’s not toxic and not competitive so is in the best hands possible tbh

Probably a few ppl gonna be happy of this, and I’m really sad because this is kinda “the game of my life” and I been playing not stop for the past two years

I just wish the game keep in this way, u are doing an awesome job @Dev_VKC! I’m a true believer of it! I love what u guys did with this game and keep it up!

So, this is not really a goodbye, is just a see u later be cause after this end…


Good luck for your service! I also had to do compulsory service for my country (Finland) so I kinda know how it’s like, but the service itself and practices are probably way different there.


Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Bye Loki!! I wish you the best of luck when you serve your country.

Side note though: What’s the point of a compulsory military service? Just asking as there is no such system in my country

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I can assure you, it will be very difficult for me

I honestly don’t even know, I just know is one of the most hated things here(in Cuba) because this is a country with many needs and to that place you will only go to work, hunger and need

Hmm…What happens in your country @Exu ?

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It’s sort of a relic from the past but still relevant as we unfortunately have a certain problematic country as a neighbour. So although only 5,5 million people live in Finland, approximately one million are military trained in case of a war situation. Also in addition to the military stuff you learn other important life skills.

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Finland!? Hold imma invade from norway give me a sec to get my snow scooter!

PS: goodluck loki! You got this ill see you in a year


Best of luck my friend!

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Good luck Loki, hope it goes well. Maybe you’ll come back with an appreciation for buff guys in uniform, not just busty anime girls :wink:


good luck
in iran this thing is forced for all the boys who turn 18(which is crazy and idiotic as the governemnt xd)
and you can only delay it by doing ur higher studies or buy it in some cases by some more fkd up rules xddd

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Goodbye companion and clan leader, it was a pleasure being with you :people_hugging:

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Wish u luck man,

Good bye

thx my girl! See ya!

Thanks duckie(I’m still better than u)

I doubt it, my mind is a little strange and doesn’t change its beliefs easily, but anything is possible

Is exacly like that in here, I’m not even gonna turn 18 because my birthday is is 7 December(btw I so sad I’m not gonna be in home for my birthday)

I really hope u meant brother :rage:

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Jokes aside, the issue of Military Service in Cuba surpasses the ridiculous and absurd, I just hope they send you to a good unit. Try to be respectful and astute with the FAR officers, adapt and learn, and as we say here: “you will get the hang of it”

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Good luck @Mr_Lokiiii
Your waifus will miss you.


Goodbye! We had some few good pvp matches.

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the fact of u answering this is so hilarious but I’m very happy u did, thanks mate and sure they will miss me(just as I will miss them) and my awesome play-style(Where is it more important that my waifus are on my team than to have the strongest one possible)


This is the popup I’m expecting to get if I quit playing for a few months.

“where are you, your waifus miss you!! :pleading_face::heart::heart::hot_face::money_mouth_face: