Taking a break from Neo

Dear Friends and rivals.

My schedule lately is been really crazy and I am not having much time to play.
This game is been part of my past 2 years constantly, but now I think is my time to have a break.
I have other priorities right now. I hope to be back one day.
I decided for various reasons that nobody will be using my account.

Peace and Love

DMG DonT89


Farewell man, and good luck with your work! You will make it through :muscle:t6::deciduous_tree:

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Thx bro, once I’ll have back WhatsApp, we will keep in touch anyway in DMG group.


Peace out man. Thanks so much for everything you’re doing with the NHS :heart: I’m not surprised you’re so busy! Take care. **takes regalion out of team


Take care, friend!

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This game’s 99% of income gone just like that…

Jokes aside.goodbye and take care


good luck bro, hopefully you’ll come back one day :sneezing_face:


Did @Mr.X happen to message you right after posting this @DonT89 ?

Nope why?

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Idk I had a feeling he would write you a long essay @DonT89

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Has something like that happened before?

Miss u guy😂

Farewell to a very good players and welcome when you come back