Light Bulb:

I’ve got it. THE solution to everyone and every single thing wrong with this game.

WHat if, the devs, matched players based on the amt of rarity monsters they have in their teams.

This, this could solve everything. We will be using all those epics that we cry about from our eggs. YES!

they will have value.
Lets face it, before we started into the legendary farming, didn’t we like neo because of the cool monster designs and stuff?!
Now we just ignore every one of them, and focus on legendaries and some SEs. Even the game
s own developers do this.

But now, it can be different.

Picture this: A battle with just pure Epics, no op cr*p, no one complaining, because we all have a lot of epics to choose from.


Unfortunately this would probably lead to broken combos to exploit the system. For example, the crescendo strike + stun team needs only a couple of legendaries to work well then a lot of 0-4* monsters. People using that kind of team would get matched with noobs they’d probably thrash or other people experimenting but with only a couple of legendaries you’d never have enough stun protection.

I do think it’s a cool concept though.

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Yes, it seems like a really nice idea.

I guess instead of it being like forever, make it a rule, full epic team then.

This way, a lot of people can get good stuff.

Or, maybe you can combine it.

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The Devs need to stop releasing new shiny epics and instead tweak the already existing ones. They’re just a waste of MonsterDex slot! And they come in element batches on top of that. That way, they could be used more and your idea implemented more smoothly

That can be one way for people to play them more, but then you’d just be moving them up a star, unless you increase stats while you give better moves.

I just thought thought that a full epic fight would be like really fun, especially for players building collections. Make it a rule for every first half of pvp.

Wait, what do you mean? Wouldn’t giving them a cool useful moveset be enough? They don’t really need stats increases, just look at Shiny Pandochamp and Jadeboa that perform good with 4★ stats.


Ahh, that does work, and they will be more useful, and I won’t cry anytime I roll and get all epics, atleast not that much.

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Exactly!! That was what I had in mind too. Hatching epics won’t be a sad moment anymore for beginners

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Everyone would use Lemon’s SE only team


Cynthia + Nefa isn’t broken prolly