Let's talk about cynthia

Long story… short , 42tu sweeping that one shots all most every monster is simply insane.

Expecting a nerf soon @Dev_VKC thanks in advance (thumbs up)


Nova does the same and it can stun u outta play. Let the Cynthia nerf go


More than one thing can need a nerf, you know. Personally, I think that Lemon is more of a problem than either of them, but all three of them need nerfs

Or better yet nerf both.


Nova needs setting up first lol.


None of them need a nerf. They all fine. We need strong legend and myth


Exactly!! Nerf Cynthia and, most importantly of all, buff Lemon. That’s the way it was always intended to be

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I don’t need a buff!


Oh I thought you skipped leg day.


I really hope that this is a joke

Busted :flushed:

You think everybody needs a nerf lol. Lemon is just fine. Keep her they way she is

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Second form lemon 1000% needs a nerf

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I literally named three monsters. There are about 1200 monsters in the game. Your math is truely mindblowing

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:, @LemonSqueezy maybe he is talking about u

to be honest man.you need set up for every monster.
Cynthia pair with fast retribution mnster ,nova pair with enrage or cyber-angel ,moku play with gazer,orca pair with tranquillizing entrance,bloomeluga pair with ap spam,lemon pair with bundleblazer or ap purify

The difference is that Cynthia can work very well without support, whereas Nova is pretty limited without support or setup(It is definitely still good, but not NEARLY as broken as cynthia is solo).

haha,you need to learn bro,why every top player pair him with aethereon or fast retribution monster. you need to learn to why he play more often in fl not in midgame or endgame

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No joke. Every monster has a weakness. The only monster i feel is just OP is Bastia.


She is ok. Mythics are like this :man_shrugging:t2: