Let’s talk about Sivanna

So I’ve had Sivanna at +9 since New Years and you know what, I’m not going to awaken her unless changes are made. Just look at this, all you get from awakening her is solo bloodthirst to solo Bloodfury, solo removed from the backbite, her revenge being slightly better, and a mediocre SS at best. Her killer moves do not get any reduced TU at all. She’s just very mediocre and a worse Dragulus if you ask me. Here are 3 things I think could help (only 1 would be needed to entice me to awaken her).

  1. decrease the killer move TU from 100 to either 70 or 80
  2. give her a worthwhile SS
  3. remove solo from the Bloodfury or even keep it regular bloodthirst (which would be better) but keep solo on the backbite

Seriously though you shouldn’t have a limited mythic where it is more beneficial to keep it in form 2 than to awaken it.


she needs piercing on those void moves

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Fury is alot better on a monster with limited ways of getting kills. In addition mythic stats are no joke.

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Then why does dragulus even exist

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She’s pretty solid in her awakened form and that’s how myths should be.


i said piercing only for void skills …dragulus has piecing passive

You proposed half of her movesets to have piercing and those moves already neglect revenges.She has bloodfury while drafulus has thirst and backbite which is a really good move to setup herself.

Back bite without solo. That’s definitely better than what her 2nd form offers alrdy. Then there’s the myth stats randolph said … she is definitely better in Awakened form… her killer moves r higher tu cz it negates revenges… she is good… one of the balanced mythics probably
Edit: i didn’t notice the ss part… yeah her ss could get some tweaking to be worth using . Tho she is fine without ss as well

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Actually Dragulus shots almost every Legendary after a kill

Almost… And guaranteed crit

I think only the SS should be slightly improved, the rest is fine and balanced for a mythic

Silvana is good and easy to carry, the stab in the back gives me a great level and utility in the game to complement later with her Blood Fury.I agree that sweeping movements in general should be the same TU as everyone else (if they don’t have an extra buff to justify increasing TU)

Now this is the point where I am with Tigo, THE AWAKENED MYTHICAL MONTRUES SHOULD NOT BE RESTRICTED WITH SOLO, unless there really are combinations with others that are really broken.


Is it wrong for a mon to be balanced?

The point Squinty is trying to make is that sivanna’s 2nd form while at +9 is actually stronger than the awakened form. Doesn’t it seem kind of stupid that the 2nd form is better?


Tbh it depends on his team.If he doesn’t use any fire on his team then his sec form could be a cheap geo.But shell spam is pretty common now and shells are fire type so while considering the meta her awakened is just better even with the +2 cost

but that´s just not true.

The moves tu are the same except for backbite, which is faster on the 2nd form. You add 3 extra cost to go from solo bloodthirst to solo bloodfury and increased cost on bloodbite.

And. One time use shield on only itself

for the stats alone it´s worth it

Why? It still has terrible defence so can be put to hold ground easily. The damage from the killer moves is find in second form I think (I’ll check now)