Why the hell would you nerf heavenswyrm?? She literally deals around 3,5k damage against a non tank monster… please take the “buff” away that increased stun from 80 to 100 to make her at least playable. This actually sucks…

This is the first time I’ve heard of such a nerf.

Did you use her ever since the last update? She was able one shot before that. I realised that today she barely deals damage and from what I have seen, it ranges from 3.3-3.8k.

Were you using her in PvE or PvP?

Wait wait wait wait…

What makes you think heavenswyrm is female?


Because f*ck patriarchy :woman_shrugging:

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Pvp obviously. SHE is almost useless there (pve).

I’ve just tested the damage, doesn’t look changed. Heavenswyrm has lower attack than many survivor monsters and single survivor is weaker than double survivor.

The damage dealt is as follows:
Vs full attack = 4200±10%
Vs standard attack = 3550±10%
Vs rounded = 3050±10%
Vs standard defence = 2700±10%
Vs full defence = 2400±10%

Heavens is in a sad spot right now, willow is just better,

That is weird because last pvp which was like a month ago or something, SHE was one hitting most legends. That’s so sad. I really liked her… I even had her 9+

We didn’t touch “her” except changing its cost to 16 last update.

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Thanks for the confirmation!

You have ghost nerfed dusc shield order.

Then you screwed her up because she doesn’t deal the same damage anymore. She is useless now. Unlike willowyrm, she doesn’t even absorb stun or kill anyone. So what’s even the point in playing her? None.

I question alot of the things here however Killerdogs stat analysis and testing isnt one of them lol. When he says nothing has changed i believe him. I do believe it/he/she deserves a tiny buff though

It ? It ? She a woman… respect her !!

Both me and VKC have said no changes took place. I showed with numbers, he confirmed with true knowledge. Heavenswyrm is an exceptional support monster with decent sweeping potential if time passes. Willowyrm has a near-identical moveset but stun absorb makes it work very differently, it doesn’t have the powerful SS, it’s much slower speed, it doesn’t have a fast hit all move and it is much easier to kill. Willowyrm is among the best super epics but it by no means replaces Heavenswyrm.

That useless SS needs a setup. Not everyone can afford good holy monsters.