Double Standard


I rather would like to see it as a call for a buff.

Sivanna (Awoken form +9)

Jurlungur (Ultra Evolved form +0)

Unless Jurlungur has a “disadvantage” condition I don’t see why should be faster than Sivanna.

So instead of slowing down Jurlungur, I advocate for Sivanna to be as fast as him in term of TU


No. Not for disagreeing with you necessarily, but just because I absolutely hate the Waifus, so my vote is no.


Let’s not buff fire mythics yet until we are sure in a normal pvp setting, link fire is not opressive.

Lmao same move, same description, 20 more tu :joy:

Edit: the skill description is rephrased :joy::joy::joy: im dead


Oh damn! If is rephrased the TU increase is more than justified then!


As far as I am concerned they can change her elem to any other element.

Here we are not talking about buffing her because is fire, as the title of the post says, they are applying double standards on this matter.


I also think she needs to be strengthened. For the moment, she is really weak.

for once i agree with donut. sivanna should have her tu the same as snek.

I agree in this case. It’s the same move but for some reason it has more TU for Sivanna. It doesn’t make any sense.

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The DEVs strive to give us good monsters and immediately there are people who start to complain and compare it with the reasons, please be more reasonable. @Dev_VKC Thank you for the work you do, there are always those who will not agree with everything you do, I understand that it is a game that is extremely difficult to keep in balance due to the large number of monsters skills and strategies you have. I’ve been playing this game for 6 years and it’s great that I still like it like I did from day one. The game has evolved a world, it is good that it is not left behind, I would just love to see more mythical monsters instead of half-naked girls, at that point I think the game has been lost a bit ‘the touch’ of the game.

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For once I agree with DonT on something. It’s a direct comparison to something else that on on paper should be stronger that has an Identical move.


[quote=“squinty1880, post:11, topic:41612”]
Es una comparación directa con otra cosa que en el papel debería ser más fuerte y que tiene un movimiento idéntico
[/quot I see no reason to compare a mythical with a legendary. In another forum I also compared angelion with mechangelion, one thing has nothing to do with the other

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The thing is that for you the mythical always have to be above the legendary. Sivanna is as strong as she is, and even more so after the buff she received. Leave the legendaries alone.


I’m saying to make her stronger, not make the legend weaker.


I apologize if there is any inconsistency in what I write, I don’t speak English, I use a translator.

Ya know, stats do play a part in the comparison here. We are comparing a 6 star and 7 star monster that happen to have two of the same skills with different TUs. What might be the reason? What are the stats/passives/other moves that might sway the difference here?

Buddy why do you keep angering the waifuhunters in the game?
I get that you hate waifus but dont spoil the soup for the rest of us chumps.

If the waifuhunters can hunt and love the Waifus then the Waifushaters can hate the Waifus. Can’t have y’all’s cake and eat it too :joy: it’s just different opinions anyways.

there is only one true Waifuhunter!
right @Killerdog? :wink:

Sivanna is extremely strong as is, with a slander she has her escalation charged with a move that ignores revenge. For me that is more than enough. In the description of mythicals he doesn’t necessarily say that they should be stronger than legends, they just have higher stats and at least one unique ability. Sivanna is obviously far superior in skill set, she just has less speed.