Let’s talk about fixing the recent balance patch

So it seems that a clear majority of people are dissatisfied with the most recent balance change. I propose that the following gets their nerfs/buffs reverted.

  • Roaring entrance buff - it made no sense to buff roaring entrance which was already pretty strong to begin with. Allow a monster to go before the roaring entrance monster if a monster dies to poison tick or if an instant skill was used

  • freezecobra speed nerf - nerfing it to 57% speed is far too harsh on poison. We already had toxic entrance nerfed so the strongest poison strats are dead now. Freezecobra is essential to most poison strats and the speed nerf is unnecessary. At the very least, give it back 87% speed and reduce the damage output on its poison burst/detox strike.

  • sakuralisk buff - it’s one of the strongest mythics in the game for both pvp and pve. Buffing it makes zero sense. Even players like @LemonSqueezy who use sakuralisk don’t see the logic behind this buff

  • jack o’ scorp raw poison eater nerf - lets be honest, this monster was already trash before the update lol

I also think that lemon should get a nerf. I’d prefer to have fairy dust changed to something like sleeping two random enemies instead of sleeping everything but that doesn’t seem likely. How about solo potent sleep gets 100tu because it makes no sense that goldtail gets potent sleep nerfed and lemon doesn’t.

This is my most biased suggestion because I hatched scorpiogeist literally a day before it got nerfed with no warning. I think players should have greater compensation whenever any monster is nerfed, especially since you guys gave no warning that scorpiogeist would get nerfed. (Either that or you can change scorp to have 130tu double poison eater just like AS Fokus then I’m happy)

I am justifiably pissed that there wasn’t any notice before scorpiogeist got nerfed. I spent all of the gems I saved this month on special eggs and I wouldn’t have touched this egg if I knew scorp was gonna get nerfed right after hatching it.


Think I suggested it in the other thread
But we could make fairy dust an active skills replacing SBA and change lemon speed to like 80% or sth like that (anything higher is bad cuz of potent sleep)
I think it should have the same treatment at nectarion.

You’s seem to be missing the point. This entire update is to destroy anything that isn’t mythic based. I hate it, but that’s the devs logic here. Or their bosses at least

Actually isn’t this thread similar to the one before?


Oh yeah and padrinorca should get camoflauge entrance


They should reverse the raw nerf its not fair. because of 1 single monster padrinorca ,he still broken and other raw monsters are now even worst ,some of then just trash, rework padrinorca and leave all other monsters alone
Padrinorca should be something like that
Stealth entrance ( camo its just way too much with stun immun my opinion)
Stun immun
Chrono killer 70
Toxic killer 70
Thirsty 130
Retribution 130
SS swift true hit 50
And a speed neef to around 60-65


Yeah, have to agree with this one. The 60 TU increase to Raw Poison Eater on this particular monster is the last thing it needed. I really hope it sees a brighter future, I managed to hatch him and probably used him once this far.

Also, I want to bring up again something that has been brought up and thought about for a while already! My man Nightrider! I have big respect to this monster, it helped me beat some hard PvE events such as the First Ones back in the day. Why on earth is his survivor still 130 TU while literally all the rest have 80 TU? There’s simply no reason for this and this monster has just been forgotten by devs. #justicetoNightrider

that’s enough nerf, the best monsters are already to go in an A in the tier list, godfather is already more than fine as it is, I would only remove camouflage by camouflage entry

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I have orca and he is one of my main monsters, but I have to agree with you. I would rather take even a harder nerf on him then them completely ruining all the raw monsters.

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My opinion is since raw can’t be used with protection, It’s speedy TU attacks are justified. There are no protectors to go around. Now it’s like they are completely dead. Same TU as the old moves but you still can’t use a protector? What’s the point?

Just take raw away completely then!

My opinion:

  • Leave Dusicyon, Flocculasaurus and Goldtail how they are to see whether they’re okay first

  • Revert changes to non-damaging raw moves (i.e. adding RAW to a move like overwatch lowers the TU)

  • Blazebones / Rocolossus have raw overwatch again with 50TU

  • Equimaris / Arachnodrake have raw stealth again with 50TU

  • Jack-o’-Scorp: reduce TU of mutual poison touch 70 → 50

  • Kuromasa: do something with the moveset to make it decent again (a stronger passive?)

  • Scorpiogeist: change raw double poison eater (200TU) into raw double poison chomp (130TU)

  • Goldtail: decrease TU of potent sleep 100 → 80 (so it’s more efficient per TU than standard)

  • Lemon: increase TU of solo potent sleep 50 → 70

  • Cynthia: once again, consider nerfing the moveset by making it mark teammates entering too and changing double retribution into a mark move that works like poisoned burst, hits two and has 160TU


Why do you guys get so salty about stealth buffs?

What kind of moron even uses stealth in this day and age with all the poison running around?

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this is same with monster the name is “chronomera” with retribution

for me this monster is fine now,something wrong with your head (this is my opinion)

Did you think I was trying to get stealth nerfed or were you replying to other people? I’m trying to get it buffed again… back to 50TU on the two monsters who were lucky enough to have 50TU stealth

Arachnodrake and equimaris are better after this update @Killerdog

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And don’t forget to fix my regalions raw shield :pensive: he didn’t deserve that nerf to it

Just added a slight tweak to my suggestions above… potent sleep 80TU on Goldtail (not 100TU) and Lemon solo potent sleep 70TU.

Yup, that’s included in the second bullet point!

You’re terribly underrating the difference between 70TU stealth and 50TU stealth! Protectors are not that important that you want +20TU

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Don’t tell me you’re one of those idiots running stealth @Killerdog