Were can I get a laviathan

U cant Find leviathan but u can Find Levi the first evolution of it. I dont know where he Spawns at the moment. Sorry i forgot

He spawns along the western shore of the lake near finam?

Yeah Thats the place but dont get ur hopes too high if u dont Find it right away because it has a low spawn rate

Thanks and I know it will take a while to find it

Is there only one way to get a vegetiger

There’s two

Either get it in the egg or get the baby form in PVP

Ok that’s what I though

Where can you find the starters

There’s a thread for this, but the starters are found on the first four spots above orlen on the road.

Spot 1, is frost kit, spot 2, is brakie, spot 3, is spark, and spot 4, is snorkling.

Why do people say Orlen? It’s Agramis (the second town), in the other thread.

There are two different groups, Bones

The group you are referring to is the hatchling group north of Argamis

The group toxic wants is to the north of orlen

Starters = ones you pick at beginning = found at orlen.

Hatchlings = baby dragons = found at argamis

I have been looking for ages! Are they just extremely rare to find?

0.5% chance

Patience is the key to success

Been patient for a few hours now, still no luck

I had to be patient for a day for frostkit so good luck!

I thought the order was different from the starters when i read it. I think I read frostkit was first but then snorkling was second but i dont remember the third and fourth. If im wrong then ive been spending time at the wrong spot…

bluejays, Flygon’s list is correct, ive caught all 4 starters in those locations. Also be sure you are following the path, and not 4 tiles directly up.