Where can I find the starters

I really have been looking every where for the starters and can find none I need HELP

First four spots on the road from Orlen to agramis

Do I have to farm for a while
Also is the four hatchling dragons there too

Yes for the first question, no for the second one. The hatchlings are found above the second town I believe

Ok thanks found one of the hatchlings

Ok so I’ve been looking for hours now nd can’t seem to find none of the starters so do you exactly where they are???

they are on the 1-2-3-4 step between orlen and agramis, but for me, they are much more harder to find !

EDIT: http://hunterisland.wikia.com/wiki/Arkadion_List

It’s cause of the spawn max for the spots.
I’m tired so I’m not going into detail about it :stuck_out_tongue:

So does anyone know where the voltyke and volvon and Levi Are
Also cherub

The link Byebye posted?

It has all the locations there

I can’t find the link so do you know the area where they are

Theres a post with a link by someone with a weird blu ice dragon as their picture, they posted a link and it has all the spots

Volvon - south if first city in the forest
Cherub - north of 3rd city. Middle of the mountains
Levi - think it’s south finam, east of some mountains and there should be a small hill beneath you
Voltyke - north east of maldan, keep walking til you reach a corner of water.
Hope I helped :slight_smile:

U can find then north of orlen on the path length town-4 tile