Seriously, where are the starters?

I’ve rummaged through the posts, coupiously, looking for the location of the starters.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any accuarate posts.
Could you guys help me?
I’d much appreciate it.

The starters are located on the first 4 tiles north of Orlen along the path

As in the straight path a bit above Orlen, or the first tiles as soon as you get exit Orlen?

On the road. They have a low spawn rate. So you’ll need some patience (: gl and happy hunting

It takes  ALOT  of patience to get them. Im grinding for them since 12pm and its almost midnight here but didn´t got one so far. 

Im lucky that I got the first evo of Brakitorus in an Golden egg. Im now looking for a Frostkit but it´s extremly hard!! 

Much harder then the hatchlings…

Starters have a lower spawn rate. I have two brakies now. One I got in an egg the other I screwed up and clicked its spot and it showed up fast. Same for frost kit. Funny enough the ones I have had showed up quickly. As for the air and fire starter. Still looking lol

Hatchlings and starters actually have the same spawn rate.

Whoops then lol. More people complain about starter hunting though than hatchlings. xD

I think I can imagine why. ^^;

On the plus side you’re guaranteed to catch a starter with silver if your monsters are a high enough level, the hatchlings on the other hand…

I have almost given up on finding them…

Keep trying. Takes some time. I find it helps if you have something to partly distract your mind so your not so bored. Also try the metallo method. Could help you a bit (: