Killer Strategy against the Fire guy in Whales

Just had to share that I beat the Joesph fire guy on Whales Island using this team!! I have only two Fire legends (not counting fire moth) and was still able to win.

Probably not a huge deal but this is the first time a killer strategy came together for me when I had a strong disadvantage. Just wanted to share in case anyone else has no fire legends and struggled with clearing the Joseph guy.


That’s actually very impressive! Nicely done!

Thanks man! I know a lot of you guys are next level good and may think of strategies like this all the time but I was super proud of figuring this out. This will be the first time I will beat the entire whales event (if I can make it through level 4).

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Well done! That fire boss is really tough. OoO + Blazebones is a great FL for getting a good start.

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Thanks! It turned out to be the only viable strategy from my current monster pool. It took me a couple tries as well for some of the RNG situations. I really had to take a hard look at what could support ashterios after blaze bones did it’s job.