Whales island Fire Boss

Hey guys,

Have beat all areas except the fire guy. For someone who only has two fire legends his team is killing me. Especially with the fire mythic that blocks my stuns then buffs what I’m trying to kill. Anybody have a good strategy idea?

I’ve attached my current team with a couple monsters I feel could help (starting with Geartyrant)

The only way I think I can win so far is using Atra to revive some of his killed fire monsters if he can survive long enough.

Please let me know. Would love to fully complete a PVE event for once.

Which is the 2nd fire legend?

Fire Moth

Mh… That’s useless… He will kill your pupupa.
Do you have death revengers?

Could be possible with a death revenge strategy. Another thing possible could be with the fire SE OoO with Blazebones, Megabomb and perhaps Jackalhotep to switch into something… Elmowraith?

I can’t remember the enemy team but try to see if there’s something like that you could do.

Wait isn’t the limit in whales treasure 10 mons???

He added in a few extras at the end he thought might be useful for team building purposes.

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Thanks guys. Death revenge would be hard to pull off since I only have a handful of those as well. I’ll take a look

For me Whales is not even a challenge anymore :joy:

Bro go for OoO and use double knock back mortar

Kattmander will outspeed you but you will survive thanks to HG

I tried a OoO strategy but the scarleguard killed my Oni before I could pull it off

Team lineup to start is scarleguard, katmander, Nov and fire dragon mythic

Try again, the first scaleguard attack is random.

Or don’t use Oniblade if it keeps getting targeted. You will have the fire epic OoO. That will survive the attack from Scarleguard.

Do you happen to have canis? He cuts through the enemy team like a hot knife. I know it’s counter intuitive but so is double counter strike damage when boosted by an epic :sweat_smile:

Ok I’ll try again with OoO. @Exu You mean Caniswrym? No I do not have him