Whales EXTRA challenges!!!

so hopefully people are still able to accept this proposal though i imagine for some it comes too late.

To all the top players out there i offer you these challenges:-

Challenge 1. beat three of the “named trainers” using only monsters the opposite element to the dungeon. this DOES NOT include monsters that are 4☆ and below. the element limit includes the friend monster though a full team of 10 is still allowed. in addition you are only allowed a maximum of 3 legendary monsters in your team so choose wisely. you are allowed 1 Death revenge and 1 petrify revenge maximum. revive monsters are banned (Aurodragon/Atrahesis etc)
All cloners are also banned with the exceptions of FD Salvia (who won’t have another FD to clone with) and Staticsphere (because i have a soft spot for it! :grin:)


Challenge 2. beat two of the “named trainers” using autobattle only. you may stop autobattle once to use your friend monster but no moves are allowed to be made. Again maximum of 1 death revenge and 1 petrify revenge with no revival monsters allowed.

i look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with!

Good Luck!


That auto battle require a huge knowledge . Believe me it’s way too hard until a player just runs auro dragon spam Dr.
Challenge 1 is quite easy can u add some rules to it . That would be great haven’t completed any Whales treasure this time now so would be great for me



Btw can I use an 4* star monstr ( epics or less only) with the same element. I don’t have any other options for OOO other than grass. No plobrem if u not allow

For the challenge 1 : here are some more rules I want to add
No summoning, reviving , DR ( MAX 1/2) no cloners too

ok. challenge so what if you aren’t allowed to use any monsters with Auto-protect or stun?
and perhaps a limit of three leggys?

Limit of 3 leggy sounds good.
I will do it and post some videos here . I have already completed all the elems bosses with Se team only will be a nice challenge to me with other elems.
Btw I am finally going to use my mortar team in this challenge

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i will tweak the rules. gimme a sec!

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Well I haven’t shared the challenge I took previous whales in a specific thread of Whales treasure so can i share it here??

why not lol?

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@DMG_PREM how are you getting on? i reckon this is a more difficult challenge than you first anticipated? :grin:

Anyone managed to beat any? just out of curiosity? i may tweak the rules to allow 1 SE of another element (but not the same element) if its too difficult?

@Dev_VKC can you make the text at the beginning of whales treasure skippable or at least scroll a little faster?


No plobrem with the rules bro I will do it .

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Any suggestions to defeat Meiji dark and Earth challenges? I am stuck… just don’t have any idea how to beat these buffed ones.

dark use revenarchion/ankhou. try cw viridius for the earth? i used throw and mortar spam for earth. also because of the amount of mortars knockback is quite useful.

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I completed earth with stealing through horrorclaw and using freind monster of Nagandia. But dark is hard as I have only 2 dark legendaries and don’t even have ankoudragon.Any more suggestions are appreciated!

I tried using desperate all loop…keep an auro, give turn monster, enrage frog and nightrider.
Use instant overwatch and ultradusk…nova would timerstike him. The enrage+grit will kill the enemies with ease

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Oh nice idea . Something different

Nightrider was my first legend…so I tried all possible ways to use him :grin:

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We can all get Nightrider using Dullakhan + Nightmare. Use those with Demontoad and replay the battle until the OoO leaves only Onyxia awake. That should mean you get to pull off enrage teammate on the Nightrider+9 and link 250s megabomb on Demontoad. Then build your team to support Nightrider and you should do pretty well. I can’t remember the full enemy team but even beginners should have a good chance if they go for that combo with the island monsters.