It's shopping time πŸ˜…

Just completed whale Treasure event . Got a sum of 694 finns . How much you got ?
What to buy ?

Also I added pic of my teams . I dont have good fire , grass , thunder and ghost sweepers . But managed to do it with nova blast , double bloodcrave , soul snatch and cascendo . In grass team bettle king was too op .
Any extra suggestion what I could have used .


thx for the team ideas I think I’ll take those
I’d get two legend pots, one rare gem, and the rest in gems.

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1 ticket, 2 legend pots, 1 rare gem and rest normal gems…

There are over 800 finns in the event

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Yeah these team are good except fire one . I don’t have good mons . boss battles have powerful front lines so you may wanna use revenge mons to sweep them and use stun / sleep control .

I secured 400+ with only super epics in two teams. Anyways leve it. I think you should buy a 6* ticket, two legendary pots, super-epic pots are a choice as you get equal legendary and super epic pots in online events if you complete whole. Rest on gems.