Whale's Treasure Discussion

I thought it would be nice just to have a permanent thread for each ongoing event so that we can keep all the discussion for each event neatly in one place. Here you can seek or share any stories/tips/tricks/information regarding the Whale’s Treasure event. It will remained locked until the event is announced, and I’ll relock it after it ends.


I like the new feature with random monsters in the ocean which you can fight to get some extra Finns (I think this is new since I mentioned it the first time).

Crocodile 1 Finn
Whale 3 Finns
Sea Serpent 6 Finns
Turtle 10 Finns (without battle)

WATER monsters are buffed

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Can you adjust it to allow us to run from battles with the people?
These fights are challenging and know when I can’t win. I don’t want to have to spend several minutes waiting for my team to be defeated.

you can force close the app and reenter it. It’s annoying, but still better than waiting it out.

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I’m Surprised this wasnt asked already but whats the most finns that you can get ? Ignoring the special sea monster battles

It was 660. With sea battles you can go over 1000, but it is a huge pain keeping on top of them (the 1 finn battle has 15 minute cooldown or something like that).

if you wait on the 1 finn battle, does it turn into a 3 fin battle?

Also, beat water one. wiskers can now be nerfed … lol

Quoting a post I put in the Whale’s Treasure survey thread…

If people are wondering about the extra battles it goes like this…

Archeloth = 10 Finns instantly (refreshes every 2 days)
Seaviper = 6 Finns after lvl 3 difficulty water battle (refreshes every 1 day)
Tidalwhale = 3 Finns after lvl 2 difficulty water battle (refreshes every 2 hours)
Seabite = 1 Finn after lvl 1 difficulty water battle (refreshes every 10 mins)

After a battle becomes available it then becomes a % chance of appearing on the map each time you change screen to it (not from the monsters menu).The Archeloth has an incredibly low % chance of appearing so you may be refreshing the map for a few minutes before you see it.

As you can see, the Archeloth and Seaviper are perfectly fine to farm and give lots of Finns. I liked farming the Tidalwhale (because I love to grind) but the Seabite was a ridiculous 10 mins cooldown and only gave 1 Finn every time.

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I saw achelot yesterday again. Would have been ~36hrs since first time ive seen it. so 2 days might be a little high on that turtle :smile:

These numbers were from Whale’s Treasure the last time. It was the first time they added the extra battles and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve tweaked things a bit. I mean they even asked for feedback so they were probably looking to make some changes.

Haven’t seen the turtle since the update. Does it still exist?

Yes it does. I did some proper testing this WT (easier now I know how it generally works). I’ve updated the post above with some slight changes:

  • Archeloth will appear at a VERY LOW chance once it is available (48 hours after clicking the last one). You will likely be refreshing the screen for many minutes on end to see it appear.
  • Seabite becomes available again after just 10 minutes (not 15).

I hope that clears things up a bit. I thoroughly investigated the timings of each battle becoming available and I’m confident I have the number right. Archeloth is definitely 48 hours, nothing less. I tested that by doing Seabite every 10 minutes for about 3-4 hours straight after Archeloth had been unavailable for 40-44 hours. Archeloth never appeared which seems super unlikely if it was available at this time.

So amazingly, im actually going to beat it this time. LoL.
Going to have to post some of my sad teams here. My holy team is very sad as is plant.
Only 2 i could fully auto with ai is dark and water (my best monsters are dark and Evil). For water really all you needed was neko :wink:

edit: heres my lame teams that i beat the plant and holy boss with

My first completion of this

Congratulations on completing it! Goes to show how some clever, strategic team building can always triumph :smiley:

Guys is convenient fighting master scravengers in term of Finns?
I know it saves time but I did notice that you spend more ticket than completing the level battle by battle.
So I was just wandering if the deal get better at higher levels.
@Killerdog maybe you already know how to answer my question.