Whale island bug(X) feature(O)

Is there an upper limit to the random water type monsters that can spawn on whale island? It used to spawn frequently for me (ie every 2 days, 1 day , 2 hrs , 10 mins etc) but now it doesnt spawn at all

I have the same issue, it’s supposed that some monsters respawn every few hours or days. The event started in 31/10/19, in my case there’s no more respawn of Seabite (1 finn) after 01/11/19 and Tidalwhale (3 finns) today. I think after so much encounts I extinguished them. :joy:

It feels like theres a fixed number of monsters that u can defeat in the wild :confused: thats kinda sad

What total Finns are you up to? (If you’ve spent them then add them up in the shop).

I noticed this time it seemed like you needed to get to level 3 in one area before the random battles started. So they might have made some extra tweaks to them.

I’m up to 814 Finns and the random battles are still coming.

Im at around 530 but i havent started the fire shadow and earth dungeons so i guess thats about 800+ if i finish them

Hi kd, just curious, what would you spend your finns on.

My plan is 900 Finns total:

  • 390 on gems (24x)
  • 60 on a rare gem
  • 200 on a 6* ticket
  • 250 on legendary potions (2x)

I don’t need any ingredients so I can skip them all, including the Ocarino. I value something like 2 gems = 1 rare gem (2.5 gems for newer players - depends on how much of the rare egg pool you have) so that’s why I choose to ignore the second rare gem. I used to get the second rare gem in the past before eggs became 4 gems rather than 5 gems.

If I didn’t get so many Finns I would cut back on the second legendary potion and instead get more gems.

For newer players the ingredients at 50 Finns are a good deal. You need to get lots of ingredients first so you can evolve the monsters to get you further in events and therefore to get more gems. Gems are definitely the priority in this event and older players will want to pick up the 6* ticket but if I were a new player I wouldn’t look past the Omegamid for 50 Finns and I might grab an Ocarino for 100. The others are all either farmed or gained regularly so I’d ignore them here.

829 finns in total, already finished 5 of 6 elements (only left Earth level 3 with 50% progress). I think maybe the cause of no respawn is, after you fail to faced a wild water monsters because your team surpass the limit (10). In my case I was playing WT and PVP at the same time and just after that message show up (before Seaviper encounter with 16 monsters team), there’s no more respawn of Seabite until now.

Right, that’s interesting. If having an 11+ monster team means the wild battles don’t appear that is definitely something useful to know. I’ll see if I can test it out today.

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@Yuming I can confirm that it’s nothing to do with having an 11+ monster team selected.

Have you had any further problems with wild battles not appearing?

Right now I can’t get the 1 Finn battle to appear, no idea why.

Thank you for the reply Killerdog, now I only appear Seaviper.

That makes me think the thought going through my head is correct… perhaps now there is a respawn limit for these. I’m up to 898 Finns and am definitely no longer getting Seadile appearing. How many Finns are you up to?

902 finns with all element locations finished.

My plan is 700 finns.

250 Leg Potion x2
250 Ocarino x2
200 6S Ticket

Any extra finn goes for gems and rare gems.


How do you guys get so many fins?
I only finished with a total of 826

I completed the event and battled a whole heap of wild battles. Refreshed the page to spawn as much as I could. I might have missed a day or two of wild battles… But I didn’t think it would cost me that many fins…

I always click on that sea creature in the top of the screen for the 10 fins as well. I got him at least twice this time.

By watching the “connecting to server” screen thousands of times!

To put some actual numbers to it:
6* 10 Finns = 60 (realistically 40?)
11* 6 Finns = 66 (realistically 54?)
131* 3 Finns = 393 (realistically 4 each day = 44* 3 = 132)
???* 1 Finn = ??? (realistically 8 each day = 88* 1 = 88)
= 519+??? or more realistically 314

I realised on the second time the event had these wild battles that the 3 Finn battle was simply the best thing to focus on. You get the most Finns from it realistically and if you’re free to play then every 2-3 hours refreshing the map until you find the battle and doing both it and the 1 Finn battle is possible to do. If you have more time you can do some extra 1 Finn battles, e.g. in-between battles you’re doing for other content.

You get 660 Finns from the event itself so +314 takes you to 974. As you can see, nobody above did quite that many and I think I tend to go for 850-900. The first time the battles were out I went to 990. It definitely felt like a grind but, as you can see above, it is realistically possible if you have time free over the course of the event to at least go to 900. You could very easily cut back on the 1 Finn battles or even skip them completely and set yourself a timer for the 2 hours 3 Finns battle to get there very easily without too much time spent.

If the Devs have now limited the total number of each type of battle then not sure what exactly is possible. Maybe next event I’ll keep count of how much I do of each battle to see if I can figure it out. Or I’ll pester VKC to get him to tell me.

I closed the event with 775 fins earned:

Leg Pot x2, Ocarino x2, 6S ticket, 1RareGem, 4Gems.

Quite happy with that!

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40 finns per day before no respawn of Seabite.

This time I finished with 908 finns and the previous one with 1086 finns.

You counted this? That’s 40 Finns from all wild battles combined then the Seabite stops spawning but the others still do?

I closed the event with 0 fins.

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