Am I the only one having a ton of issues with their monsters in the game?

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I lost 260 soul stones also can’t connect to game
Online section


I am having issues making my units and I am missing some units as well! This is kind of annoying to be honest

I lost all my hero rank (I was around 10-11) and every item I’d earned but one during the maintenance. I also lost my login rewards for day 1. Didn’t think to look before but I also lost soul stones, I e-mailed the bug report section because the other three support e-mails didn’t seem to fit the bill, hopefully they’ll fix it and give us the stuff we earned back.

I’m having multiple issues / some complaints.

  1. My accessories and weapons keep disappearing.
  2. It’s giving me a “No Network” error for no apparent reason.
  3. The weapons shop was broken, and displayed 99,999,999 cash, but has since been fixed.
  4. The “Upgrade” and “Evolution” selections for the two characters I have with those don’t even work, it just causes a long buffer.
  5. I feel like the enemies are too high of a level right off the bat, unless you’re expected to do a ton of grinding before you even finish chapter 2.

I’m starting to get really annoyed with problems 1, 2, and 4. Game seems to have been released too early imo.


I was lvl 25 or so relogged to see if the offline error had benn fixed lost all my rank, went from 165 team power back to 100 , heroes or whatever that I had leveled and evolved reset back to level 1 , many items ie. weapons, armor and accessories disappearing. Had high hopes for this game but so far meh

I did send them an email, so hopefully they are looking at this thread and get an update done soon! Love the idea of the game, but if they don’t fix this, I really kind of want the money back in a sense cause I am not going to play it in the future!

Guys, if you played beta, your ranks were reset permanently so that it would be fair towards non beta players


The developers had warned from the beginning that game progress will be reset once the game releases officially. This is done to ensure fair play.


Are you guys talking about your beta teams? Lol looks like you didnt read the terms of the beta then. Get rekt

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What money do you want back? I thought in app purchases were disabled and reward codes were sent to beta testers for free download of the game.

They where disabled

So I tried to equip the free hammer to the thunder starter (she has nothing on the fire one so I restarted) and this happened. I can’t equip the aetherfoal and the hammer is gone

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Offline is Down too

I don’t know why offline is not working. But their FB page reports that some kind of maintenance is going on.

I wasn’t a beta user so I paid for the version of the game, and I was speaking slightly more hypothetically since I am missing a ton of stuff right now, and characters/monsters as well. I am missing like all my weapon equips, a few of my monsters and just a bunch of other errors right now in the game. I wanted to keep playing but I couldn’t cause of all the bugs!

Okay I understand your frustration.

Evertale’s FB page is saying there is a maintenance going on and if issues are not solved after that you should message them. Let’s hope everything will be back to normal after the maintenance. And don’t worry if it don’t fix your issues the developers will surely take necessary steps to solve your issue. Atleast that’s what they have always done in Neo monsters.

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Absolutely ridiculous. Lost all my soul stones, equipment, and went from rank 15 to 1 for NO REASON. This is irritating that I paid for a game that does this.

Good to know! I hope so since I like the potential of the game!

The final beta version worked fine with the vast majority of people and devs were really responsive and quick with the fixes. I’m sure they will figure it out.

Meanwhile I’d like to hear about the Android release :upside_down_face:

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