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Lol what?

Hmmm, this going to become the evertale forum too looks like.

hunterislandforum became the Neo Monsters forum, just sayin… :upside_down_face:

Exciting! I’m looking forward to the Beta release and of course to the final product.

I received an email selecting me for the beta sign ups… I think. I was told I should get something sometime this week.

mee too, i entered the beta registration link and i should get another mail soon, probably tomorrow

How long now until the beta drops?

Received beta invite email but when trying to download it say my email is not the one linked but it is :frowning:

u are given a code in the email when u hit buy hit redeem and use the code

Final Beta trials are under way. I must say, the game looks and feels great. I’ve not found an issues yet in either PvP or Story Mode. My only complaint so far is that in Story Mode, the dialogue seems a bit much. Too much dialogue between events. Otherwise, I quite enjoy the game so far.

I agree with the dialogue however I can’t get access to pvp, starts searching by then never matches

I also feel there isn’t a lot of opportunity for capturing monsters in free play

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Hello everyone. I just finish some mission and quest. Sometime it didn’t count and I need to play same stage several time. Anyone have same problem wif me?

Yep!! Though it’s more like my characters keep disappearing from my group! I’ve lost about 5 now…

I haven’t lost any characters yet, but my accessories and weapons keep ghosting on me. I’ve lost two weapons and five or six accessories. Plus, it keeps telling me I’m “not connected to a network” even though I am. I wonder if it’s still under maintenance and just displaying a different error…?

I lost all my items and all my hero rank, I dropped from somewhere around rank 10-11 back down to 1. I also lost my daily login bonus. I emailed the big report section so hopefully something will get fixed

I am lost my 4 star weapon sword and my characters LV!And always show me can’t connect Internet!!OMG!!!

您好! 自你们21号更新过后,我的游戏账户在更新期间所充值的召唤石和所有的数据全部没有恢复过来!请问什么时候能解决这种问题

Where is the Chinese version?
Why change it after the update OMG…