New year's 500 souls stones

WTF Devs??? I got a message for 500 new year’s soul stones yet when I go in game I get nothing. What is this ???

Weird, could it be because the “day change” is coming in 2-3 hours?

I hope so. Let’s wait until then

Nope. It was just a hoax to get me to open the app. Way to go!!! :joy:

Btw Evertale Devs and marketing team you have to do something about those SSR odds. It’s been almost a year since release and nothing has changed, it’s as bad as it always was. At least separate weapons and characters from the same roll, like in Langrisser! Have a look at that rolling and gifting system, that is one you should get inspired of!

For god’s sake I must have done over 20 ten packs on the three accounts I’ve started and got ONLY 1 SSR character out of those. In beta I also rolled a SSR Finn but that didn’t matter did it? Do you even realize how bad that is? I want to play your game but you have to give me something back! And don’t get me started on that Christmas SSR “Deal”. It’s even more pathetic than my roll success.

Same here, I still havent got any soulstones yet!

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I saw the 500 soul stones notif too, I was logged in when it popped up. I didn’t get it. I’m also unsure if my daily quest/daily rewards reset/came in. I’ve been checking a few times today but still nothing.