Beta Tester Rewards????

I am creating a thread due to lack of communication from devs. I found out a few days ago on discord that some beta testers received 2k stones while others didn’t as a reward for beta testing. I sent Ryan a DM here two days ago with no response and also sent a DM to evertale on Facebook with no response. I am just curious as to why some and not others got the reward and why customer service doesn’t respond to questions? I understand that a lot of issues with the game recently, however, I would assume that customer service isn’t the personnel who are actively fixing the game…

If you were a beta tester please post what group you were a part of and whether you did or did not receive rewards.

I was part of beta group 4 and did not receive rewards.

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You didnt check your notifications tab thats why you didnt see the announcement.

I did check my notifications tab. That is my point only certain people received the notification and that is what I am trying to find out.

Uh no, it was posted in the beta test page so if you were really a part of the beta test, you should have seen it as they asked us to post our friend code so that they can send the rewards.

I don’t know why you are arguing this. Yes, I check notifications same day others in discord received the rewards I had zero notifications. Other people in discord also didn’t receive the notification. I am in beta group 4 and it appears that only those in group 1 received notification. That is the entire purpose of this post.

I was also a beta tester. But also didn’t receive rewards. I sent a DM to @Admin but he didn’t reply back. I don’t know why?

There really was a miscommunication.

I’m in group 3 so I dont know what uou guys are taloing about. I’ll screenshot so that you guys see what I mean.

Here are the screenshots.

How can you be so sure that there really wasn’t a miscommunication. I was in the second beta test group. My brother got the notification and received the rewards, that’s how I come to know that there was a beta test reward. Just because you got the notification does it mean we are not telling the truth?
Don’t try to defend the developers for things that you are not even sure about.

This is my screenshot. It’s my second account. As you can see I have received only 4 messages.

Woah hold it, I didnt say anything about you guys lying. Here’s what you can do, go send an email to support using the email you registered for the beta test.

Thats weird, my bad for concluding wrong stuff right away.

Anyone that posted on the beta page more than once got noticed by the algorithm that they used for putting people in that thread.

Aka if you found a bug and you posted about it, then you get soul stones.

If not, well then you got to play early.

That’s what I heard anyway.

It seems fair to me.

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That’s basically it you had to be a person that posted more then once and contributed to the beta