Is this a decent team?

Been playing for a while just looking to refine my team, also all of my legendaries are on my team

It’s eh, there are better things you can do with those monsters.

Team seems a bit random.

Like what? I have them a bit random so I can fit teams of mixed monsters

The clone next monster should definitely not go in front of Banedragon. You’ll create a 1HP clone then Banedragon comes in and kills it!

Also, your front few monsters are very passive. They won’t really get any kills. Try putting a mixture of good killing monsters spread out over your team in amongst support monsters.

Good call on the bane dragon thing I’ll move that around, should I spread the protectors around and maybe put one legendary on the front line?

Yeah I think you may be better off with a monster like Rexotyrant in your front line. I recommend also that you put one of the starters in position 16, last stand can win you some games. When there’s the “chamber of the statue” rare ingredients mission make sure you do that and get the Moalith. The starters evolved into their 5* form are brilliant, especially the storm one.

Alright I’ll move rexo up and I have the rabbit evolved rabbit, I don’t like him to be honest his moves can be useless and he’s cost me a fight or two, I’m trying to get the frost wolf now see if that’s better

My team now, the two other pics are all the super epic and legendaries I have, trying to ultra evolve all of the super epics

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Go get yourself a galvbane

I have one and I don’t like it

How does a galvbane cost you fights?

Makes no sense.

Because his attack skills are very specific and if no creatures fit the parameters of his attacks to do critical damnage he’s a waste of a damnage spot since his stun has a very low chance of stunning I’ve found, I have tons already that are protector killers and have timesrike, they also mostly have a hit all attack, so why would I waste a spot on a creature that at times can be totally useless?

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If I was you I would run galv se protect rexo drako lead

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Uhh, his stun isn’t a chance based thing. His stun will always go off at which point you can capitalize on it and get 3-5 monster value out of him.

In a game where time matters its not good to use large aoe atks galv works well cause it has small tu moves if the enemy don’t have a leo on field you can stun pulse then timestrike with rexo drako can put up protect actully run

Galv choco drako rexo you can life flip drako for an dd and put Titan elphamt 5 th

So run something like this it can be changed so this is just a blueprint

I have ss unlocked etc and fully evolved monsters so the cost will be higher but remove those and it should work for you


can someone suggest any improvements to my team possibly ? they are all the legends i have.

i also have these se’s :

Alright I’ll give her a whirl that way, thanks for the advice, I gotta get all those super epics evolved though lol, still open for new suggestions to make my team awesome! And thanks everyone so far for the imput

Invisible nox dragon op

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@NMEGaryOak Look, this brother has TWO Galvbanes!
This must be your favourite person ever! You should hire him as your secretary.

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