Is this a decent team?


we really out here they can’t stop us :triumph::triumph:


emm, 12 pages of backup legendary


What’s it like spending your whole paycheck on a phone game?


It’s not though hahah been also playing since day one so my collection ws not bought ina day took me 3 years


Hmm why does the amount of legend matter unlike you I focused on one account rather then 10 different ones over a extended period of time


Changing my team around has helped allot thanks!


Glad I could help


So this is the team now.


That’s looking much better :slight_smile:


I just envy your pool.


@Exu someone with TWO GALVBANES?!

Then I don’t understand why they are asking for advice in the first place, they should be OP already if they figured out how to run a 2 Galvbane FL :joy:


Plus they got a invisible noxdragon this guy must be unbeatable


That’s actually John Cena @VNM_Katakuri but yes you are right he should be unbeatable


Is there any faster way to get omegamids or am I gonna have to wait for that event each month? Also what’s the most efficient way to get legendaries that isn’t buying gems? I really wanna get good at this game, it’s the only phone game I like lol


Would this guy be a good addition to my team?


Exact same as Gaiawolf, the water desperate double which you removed from your team. They’re fairly solid additions to newer player’s teams as they offer some good damage and purify but later get cycled out for better monsters.


Wait, lochi??! Why are you guys change names so frequently and vastly. Thought you were new to this forum with that luxury emmm…


Haha yeah that’s me lochi


So evolved darkling will be better atm until I get some better super epics?


The team right now