Infinite dungeon capped at 528?

I have been working my way through infinite dungeon, of course I am looking for that top spot. I am now in 6th place at 328 floors, and still moving along briskly. What I noticed however, is that the two top spots are at 528 each and have not changed in a few days.
So is that the cap or did you guys just hit a wall?

Thanks in advance for all replies.

Can’t be … Its called a infinite dungeon so its xx

Ha! I hope so, but the fact that the top two spots are tied at 528 and have been for a few days concerned me a bit.

No, we just haven’t tried to go farther yet :).

That’s great news! Thanks Ashley. Hopefully I can catch up soon :slight_smile: I would be further if it wasn’t for the return to town button. I wish there was a confirmation for that thing. I have been right before a checkpoint and accidentally hit it a few times now.

Yeah the same has happened to me too. It’s awfully annoying XD

Lol ur so far already… Im only at 58

Just hit 491 :smiley: only problems I really have is when they put gremknight or rohio in. Stunskin is rough to deal with.

I’m assuming you’re using the escape exploit, which is not allowed. Because I don’t think it should be possible to get so high with the currently released monsters.

Escape exploit? Whats that?

Well, if it’s an exploit, and if it’s disallowed, I don’t think it’ll be appropriate it define it either.

I thought the same thing^

And imediately thought of this^

Didn’t know there was an exploit and it’s probably better that way, ::saunters off to lvl 99 in the infinite dungeon to slowly grind my way up.::

I dont even know what exploit means cuz im dutch lol

It’s pretty much using something in a way it wasn’t meant to be used.

Though, exploiting can be used in positive terms too. It’s similar to the term “hacking”, but with different meaning.

I see, but wouldnt that take out the fun of doing one of the only things when u defeated the game?

And now im curious haha

I know. I guess the people who use it just wants the prizes to use in PvP or something.

The musical scores?

You also get gold eggs.

EDIT: Yeah, no. Please avoid posting things that clearly go against what has been said to be unacceptable. If I get word from someone else saying it’s alright to post it, I’ll restore your post, but for now, don’t do it. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks.

Ahh the mods got to my post i see lol, well then  :stuck_out_tongue:

I applaud you for trying to do it anyway lol