Infinite dungeon and online mission

I think after the mission is over they should put the monster as a reward for beating say 100 floors then u face a very tough boss and if u win u get the mission monster and add them every like 100 floors so 100=meowizard 200=minoflare and so on let me know how you all feel about this

Eh its a ok idea but i think its unfair to have to go so far in infinite dungeon, but i hear there gonna release mini versions in the wild so yeah

There will be some exclusive infinite dungeon monsters, though. I don’t know about mission monsters (those are for missions, after all!), but there will be some exclusive monsters for the infinite dungeon. 

I thought that all monsters were supposed to be catchable in the wild eventually

I hope they are all catchable in the winld eventually

Is there a limit to the number of monsters i can bring to the infinite dungeon? I had around twenty five, but after my twentieth monster got knocked out, i ended up being sent back to town instead even when i still had five monsters left.

That sounds like a glitch

Post it in the bugs thread

Lol, I’m horrible at ID. I keep dying because i have no strategy.

And I doubt that destructor or any other 11 star arks will be released in the wild just like that