Infinite dungeon tips?

I figured I’d start a topic cause I see a lot of tips and strategies all over the forum for pop but none for advice on how to excel in the infinite dungeon. Personally if only made it to 60 something not sure what exactly any tips would be appreciated right now I basically just brute force my way through

My advices are don’t even think of going in there if you don’t at least have 20-30 lvl 99 7 star above arks.

Everyone has different ark lineups but if you don’t have egg exclusives, the best bet you have is omegawyrm, it’s pretty tanky, so keep it alive for any way possible… Before I had any egg exclusives, I had to take 10 healers, 10 arks that can do offering to keep omegawyrm alive & that could take me to over 200+ down the ID.

There are some other strategies depending on what your main lineups normally are…