Infinite Dungeon Assistance Needed

Ok, so I’ve been reading threads about infinite dungeon and how some people are beyond floor 400. I have every catchable in-game ark, along with Shadowstalker, Pegasion, Goldenhorn, Arkwing, Necrodrake, Don, and every fusion. I simply cannot get beyond floor 95. What am I doing wrong? I know strategy plays a big part in it, so I guess my question really is; can anyone give me some pointers?

I read a post ashley made about using omega and spooker’s life flip, but I just can’t see this being a dependable strategy. Additionally, someone else said they use an all-shadow lineup with the shadow ocarina, but this has a huge weakness against any and all holy arks. 

I have not said to use Spooker’s life flip. I said to use Ironheart’s life flip :). Spooker is too weak. Ironheart isn’t out yet - you may be able to try Haniwel’s life flip, but it’s a bit weak as well.

To be honest, the best line-ups are the Frillzeon with the fire ocarina or the shadow one you mentioned.

With that being said, I can probably get past 1,000 without any duplicates. But I do have all unreleased monsters - I’m not sure if that’s possible yet.

Ah I see. Well seeing as I don’t have frillzeon or haniwel, how would a shadow squad be set up? Like predominantly what arks? I’m just asking bc there isn’t a whole lot of them. I’m assuming a lot of plasmorex lol

Destructor initially, Gearwolf, and yes, Plasmorex.

Well don’t have destructor or gear wolf either :confused: looks like I’ll go farm a bunch of skullrex. I have 3 plasmorex right now along with 3 shadowlances and necrodrake. But that’s really all worth mentioning

Ah yes, forgot about Shadowlance. Metal slash is good for the bosses.

im usin hanniwal life flip with mettalodius and 1 damage ark , i can reach 4-10 floors with just 3 arks here its kinda luck depending

Well since I don’t have Haniwel, I’ve been farming for Skullrex. Caught an S and A Skullwraith but no rex yet :frowning: my luck today is non existent

Before I had my army of frillzeons, I reached level 210 with this strategy:

I only had 1 Omega, 1 Plasmo, 1 Arkwing, 1Subzeratops, basically all 1 ark, except 8-10 halopards & a few more offerrers, 2 risky healers & I had to go back to town after ever 2 bosses.

I use my 3 highest offense arks, which were Omega, Plasmo & Arkwing, they hopefully will last 3-5 floors, when their hp go low, I will swap one ark with the offerer & then offering for them. My strategy revolved around Omega, if omega dies, I was pretty much doomed to go far.

If you have more omega’s then it’s even better. Shadow ocarina doesnt reduce elementless’ status so feel free to still use shadow ocarina if u’d like.


That’s a strategy I thought about implementing actually. But I figured I’d farm a few more plasmorex and try the shadow idea. Thanks for the tips guys

Been doing the shadow team thing and finally got to floor 99! Thanks for the tips everyone. Using shadow ocarina, 7 shadowlances, 5 plasmorex, necrodrake, gearhound (since i don’t have gearwolf  <_< ) and some healers

Hmm i wouldnt use gearhound he is to weak imo
I would replace him with omega or arkwing since you have them and they are much better then gear hound even with the shadow oc

Hmm Kitty, Gearhound has one of the best aoe’s for now released arks, coupled with shadow ocarina, it’s going to be very decent. Its defense is already good enough the way it is, let alone with the 25-40% inc from the ocarina.

The status will end up way better than arkwing, maybe equivalent, if not a bit better than omega.

eg I’m using desert ocarina, with the 40% increase, all of my fire arks are becoming much stronger & before my omegas, arkwing, & kami, I had a huge lineup of fire arks (not just frillzeons).

Where do you buy Desert Ocarina?

Update: I’m now at floor 425. Obviously I’m using arkwing and omega, but they’re after all my shadow arks. I now have 12 shadowlances and 7 plasmorex along with the others that I mentioned. I also got 2 frillzeons from eggs so those together with goldenhorn get me through a pretty good amount of floors. My first 3 arks are 2 plasmorex and a shadowlance and I can easily make it through 7-10 floors before one of them dies (usually shadow lance). My next ark is then a healer to heal the plasmorex’s and then out comes another shadow lance. Then again, another 7-10 floors. Too easy lol

Hmm tajid really? We arent talking about geawolf but for me a gearhound i got just isnt to good

Gearhound is the mini dude

Nice doc :slight_smile:  I am just starting my descent.  Sitting around 92…i’ll push to 99 before dinner than hit the 120 waypoint before bed i would imagine.

Right, sorry misread :slight_smile: