Infinite dungeon capped at 528?

Guess i was too late to see ur post?

i guess so lol… Its not even that great of an exploit… i kind of found it out by myself and never even knew it was an exploit haha! Just experiment it wont be too hard to find out 

I didn’t know it was an exploit. But I do now
And I will stop.
It would be helpful if there was a list of exploits listed so we could know wether we are doing something wrong in the game. I thought I just had a sound strategy.

It was how I made it through the early parts of the dungeon but after I started stacking dark arks and using a shadow ocarina I have been doing well without it.

Nawww… If they post the exploits, people will just see them, then use them… It is better to keep the exploits on the down low

Indeed its better this way but i hope They Will get caught

Exploiting isn’t really the same as hacking. Hacking affects others. Exploiting just affects you. And your ranking. Which is probably why it’s frowned upon.

So basicly They can get sentenced for it?

You can just stop speaking about it since ppl can just figure it out by just talking about it

Even with your exploit I’ll give you a good challenge for keeping the top spot :wink:

I already know it :stuck_out_tongue: found it out half an hour when u mentioned it :stuck_out_tongue: But why use it ? that takes out all the fun off the dungeon.

I stopped using it as I stated previously it was too slow. I use a shadow ocarina and all shadow team except heals. Destructor + shadow ocarina is quite monstrous. Even with the hp bug. Check for yourself.

I accept your challenge as long as you don’t continue to say that I am exploiting. I am always exploring combinations and strats, and unless having a team filled with 3-4 of the same ark is also an exploit I kindly ask you to stop.

Well I am of the opinion that it’s not possible to be going this far with the currently released monsters. But I can’t state that as fact, maybe you found a way.

Even with the exploit its hard to reach 438 tough its not impossible

I’m going based on my experience in the infinite dungeon prior to having the unreleased monsters. And that experience says it’s impossible. Granted, if you used a full team of Omegawyrms it wouldn’t be. But I don’t use many duplicates.

A full team of omegawyrms would look so cool

If you have a destructor then buy a shadow ocarina and give it a try. I also have 10 plasmarexes and about 15 shadowlances.

There are dragons in every pull and normally multiple ones. Dracobane will take care of them in one hit and then plasmarex for clean up. I stack healers and life flip, and I prefer risky heal as it seems to give me several heals on avg before it kills the ark. I also run about 9 flash bomb arks for boss fights. The shadow ocarina also makes the biggest hit from a holy ark do at most 800 damage. Other arks hit for at most 100-300 and multi target attacks do laughable damage.
The only problem is that the shadow ocarina is bugged and I lose the extra health from it at random times.

Seriously give it a try and you will see what I am talking about.

I actually find omegawyrm to be weak when compared to plasmarex shadow ocarina combo.

Many fights have 9 monsters. Destructor can take care of the first 3, leaving 6 left. And there are many holy monsters that can destroy your team such as Luxknight.

Plus I don’t think the bosses can be stunned… but if they can, then I must be getting something confused.

They can be stunned I run 1 chopper bug in my boss lineup. It won’t stun them if they bonus action but the ones not fighting end up at the back of the TU line

Still, I don’t think that changes much.

I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I’m just explaining why I personally think you’re using an exploit. Take what you want from that.

Why having omegawyrm gives such an advantge