In-game Daily Task, Just input

Hi master, newb here; pls don’t be mean LoL

Umm, dev; Master; i would like to give a suggestion related daily activities in Neo

Almost every Sandbox game these days have kinda daily tasks with rewards if u’ve completed it.

So it’ll be great if Beloved Neo have one too

I meant at least we as player have something to do to login daily, tbh, i kinda lost about what i need to get next except waiting and more waiting, that results in less interest to play the game, so if the game have daily task that give trainer rewards that’ll be a reason to login and play the game no?

I meant, I’m F2P guy, not by choice, but coz im can’t afford to buy gems since it’s so costy.

So each day what i do is login, farming, Collecting TP, silver, evolve mats, etc, while to getting higher either in PvP or PvE is something that’s still far away with my lvl and mon, so… at least with daily task in-game, and hopefully rewards a gem or mats, or silver, anything, with a cycle 7days rewards changes, it’ll make the game lot interesting IMO tho

That’s all, and sorry for any mistake in my writing, since I’m not native

It’s there for the new players and yes it would be cool to have when nothing is going on and look forward
But what rewards could they give tho its daily so giving everyday free gem would be much

Also stop calling master it sounds werid in my head

Basically, it can be implemented with a lot of options; like; daily task give a point, then that daily point can be change with a boxes, or gems etc, and if in a week not missed even one will get bonus point and so on. So IMO it’s a broad option

Not bad of an idea but it’s very similar to friend chest
While it may be good idea giving boxes in exchange of points sounds very similar to friend chest

Ah sorry, it just habbit of mine, to give respect to another player

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How could that be the same? Lol, daily task definitely a task we should do or complete in order to get the rewards, while Friend Chest, it’s just a reward from our shared mon

No its basically the same to get friend point you need to to choose/share a mon and then get points from it to get chest. However your idea is that do a task get a x number of points and then exchange and if we are taking that I don’t believe that there will be much of a difference in the rewards

Well, if that’s u think the same, then, there’s no need to implement these daily task no? I meant, it’s enough with the mon we share, so in other words, it’s gonna be the same, nothing to be looking for, since, in my case, everytime my stamina refill, i just grind some to lv up or evo mons that i have, then wait, and repeat haha

Daily missions with decent rewards would be cool !


No I mean the idea you are giving its similar to friend cheast

I mean you get a task and then you complete it to get rewards like de-age silver etc.

Tbh daily challenges will be still a lot better than balancion rewards I hate it the most.

It’s awesome right hahaha

That’s what I’m talking about LoL

I meant the contents should be in accordance with encouraging trainer to log in and do daily thingy, such do story mission, train a mon, get mats, etc and so on, also it could be use as a guidance to trainer in what the trainer should do to get better or enjoy the game as a whole, anyway it’s a broad option, but i think we should Get the gist of it

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We already have login reward, 5x friend chest and tickets to use up (even if there’s no events and you’ve done all the story content there is MBQ to do). Honestly, little extra things we have to do every day would just be a pain. They’d probably make us need to do things we don’t want to spend our tickets or time doing. Imagine if one was “complete a PvP match”… well we’d probably have loads of people going into PvP then immediately retreating. Not exactly healthy for the game.

I reckon lots of people will say yes to this because they want extra gems/rewards each day. If we’re going to get something extra then it’s much better it goes on something we actually want to play rather than silly daily annoyances.

Like I said, we’ve already got reasons to log in each day and if you want to spend time playing at any point there’s almost always PvP open that is available to play for ~2 hours straight thanks to the ticket refresh being halved to 25 minutes outside of ranked.


I like the idea.
I saw other’s think it would be a bad thing cause they’d need to do some missions in order to get the rewards, but in every game I’ve played, daily missions rewards have never been that important for your development as a player, they are just a little bit help you can get after you complete simple missions,so if someone doesn’t have time to play them or simply don’t wanna do them, they could just do not do them and their development wouldn’t be affected at all.
But having daily missions is a good thing in general, and gives players more reasons to login every day, as you said in your post.
I think, for instance, there could be 4 daily missions with the following rewards:

  • Mission 1 completed: 3 normal training fruits and 75 silver.
  • Mission 2 completed: 1 golden fruit and 100 silver.
  • Mission 3 completed: 500 xp and 30 Tp (or any other amount they consider more appropriated)
  • Mission 4 completed: 2 gems (or 1?)

These are things active players will always complete, but less active players won’t and won’t be affected by not doing it

I think giving gems might be a bad idea everyday cuz it would just take 1 month + 10 days to get 40 gems so why do we even we need to spend a free gem should be given very week

Just give me super fruits that’s enough for me

So this pretty much nullifies the need to ever farm fruit? Barely any silver? An extra 2 gems a day… so literally +25% to our monthly income of free gems!?! I know you’re unsure about that last bit, I’m just proving a point.

When you’re giving away extra rewards daily the amounts can’t be high at all, unfortunately. Also, my main concern was about what these “missions” actually are. Anyone have suggestions? Because if it’s something which you need to use tickets on (e.g. do a fruit/silver mission) then that’s a percentage of your tickets you then need to use EVERY day for these things and will make it harder to do limited-time events. Or if it’s PvP we’ll have people going in and immediately losing, etc. which is poor game design and boring to do.

As I said above, we’ve already got nicely implemented versions of this kind of thing in the form of replenishing tickets, login, free chests. One thing I forgot to mention above are the biweekly missions. Yes, you can do them all in one go but they’re something which resets every two weeks that has a bunch of battles to do for ~5 gems (including achievements) and some youth fruit. It’s content that we can do at our leisure at some point in those two weeks and serves a few other purposes too like helping newer players learn the movesets and letting them play with monsters they don’t own to learn strategies.

If anything, I’d much rather see a nicely implemented bit of content rather than nominal, annoying tasks we have to do every day that take a few minutes and we do not for fun but for the small free rewards.

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