In-depth discussion on Haniwel

I will focus on its Holy Force and Life Flip, as his other skills are not that noticeable.

OK. Cast Holy Force to lower your team’s HP, then Life Flip. Sounds ideal, but how well does it work in PVP?

Let’s consider different scenario:

a] Your Arks are on low HP

     (i) Your Holy Force kills your Arks. Your next Arks come in at full health, which does not work with Life Flip.

     (ii) After casting Holy Force your Arks are on even lower HP. Sounds perfect for Life Flip. But can your Arks survive until you cast Life Flip? Pray for a Bonus Action mate.

b] Your Arks are at high/full HP

For non-tank Arks like Vegitiger, Holy Force can deal ~700-800 damage (50%). Similar to (a) (ii), your Arks probably won’t survive that long.

The difficulty is, when your current Ark is defeated and the next one comes in at full health, it is quite hard to cast Life Flip.

You can team it with Angelic Arks, note that Angelon, Shadowstalker, Asterleon and Anubis are not Angelic. This leaves you with Luxknight, Halopad etc.

It may do quite well against all Dark Arks though. Holy Force deals quite high damage.

Its resist is very high, and its defense is quite reasonable too, similar to Luxknight, with higher HP. It is a fairly new Ark and hence people tend to focus fire him. But as time passes he is likely to survive longer. Put him near a tank may be a good idea. Unfortunately there is no Angelic tank.

Its mystic bane can deal ~300-400 damage against a Shadowstalker.

Apparently if its Holy Force kills your own Chopperbug/Puffoxin, your Arks will suffer from Stun Skin/Volatile (to be verified). It is very likely to be affected by Fang Break too.

Above’s my two cents. Would love to hear from people who have used it in PVP battles.

Not to be used in pvp… unless there’s angelic tankers. .by then, there will be a lot better ones to choose.

Will stick with my current team. Have been winning except with the stunners + charc + stego combo.
This guy seems to have a good idea pairing it with a volvoxen.

How much does it do to a Shadowstalker?

Yuck. Too luck-based. Very low support. 

I do not like it at all.

Very smart. But in my opinion, using a slot (volvoxen) just for blocking Holy Force two times is not worth it. Plus the two Holy Voided Arks may not survive that long. And Volvoxen may get killed before its turn.