Holy Force...

If I cast Holy Force and:

(1) kill my chopperbug, will stun skin activate? Will my team or opponent’s team suffer?

(2) hurt my Mossgolem, will Fang Break activate? i.e. Will my Haniwei have its attack and magic decreased?

(3) kill my Puffoxin, will death revenge activate? Will my team or opponent’s team suffer?

Ill be going to test that out right now! well 1 and 3 at least, dont have a mossgolem :confused:

Just tried this in pvp. Killing your own chopperbug with holyforce doesnt activate stun skin. I imagine it doesnt work for penguini or puffotoxin volatile either. Fangbreaker I am not sure.

Verified: It does not activate stun skin in PvP. Nor does it trigger Puffoxin’s death revenge.

Ok i just killed my own puffotoxin with holy force and its poison killed one of my own arks instead. Need to test a little more to be sure.

Edit: nevermind it doesnt do anything

Edit again: Actually I take everything back. It does trigger stun skin and volatile but you end up stunning and poisoning your own arks instead if you kill your own chopperbug or puffotoxin with holyforce.

I swear I fought someone in PVP & their haniwel killed their chopperbug & stun skin activated & brought all their arks to the bottom of the TU order.

So definitely it activated its stun skin

As I totally remember laughing at him lol

That’s why I went to test this in PVE lol

As far as the chopper bug is concerned, it does stun your own arks. Good thing IMO. It would have been a much too strong combo.