The Holy Attack

Well, many people are running into the problem of not getting to use holy force without killing your arkadions. Then even after tht, it is to slow to use life flip.

The lineup:

Don penguini

With gremknight, raioh, and shadowstalker, you should scapegoat raioh, unless the opponent has a gremknight in their starting lineup. If this is the case, you scapegoat shadowstalker, stun gift with raioh, then attack the troublesome arkadions with minespider and shadowstalker.

Now you should have two monsters and volvoxon. you use holyvoid with volvoxon, which brings out haniwel. haniwel can then use holy force twice, with no harm to teammates.

now, once you have mossgolem, rooknight, and vegitiger, you can attack with vegitiger, attack with mossgolem, and rooknight can no defense if the time is right. but what if one of them dies? then you can no defense with rooknight, leaving you with an overpowered barricadus, and a mossgolem/vegitiger. what happens if rooknight dies? then you have a tank, a tanky heavy hitter, and another heavy hitter.

barricadus should protect minespider so it can metallize and time bomb. volcawolf is there for vengance purposes, efffectively one shotting any monster/leaving it with very little hp. destructor uses dracobane due to most wyrms being at the end of peoples lineups, then theres omegawyrm, vengance, and will likely bee killed leaving you with angelon and don, hasted with angelon or sacrifice to use showdon.

Nice, looks good.

Updated and modified team

5 of those monsters are egg only… So great…

4 of them, 3 not including vegitiger.

To replace rooknight, you could use gearwolf.
Vegitiger could be replaced with a strong earth monster
Volcawolf could be replaced with magmawyrm
Mine spider could be replaced with a strong monster with a powerful aoe, although mine spider is a veery helpful ark.