The awesomeness that is Knighthawk

I’ve been playing pvp for a while now and honestly, being in master league, I got bored of going against the same old arks (stego/char, shadowstalker, vegitiger, minespider, etc.) over and over again and I got tired of using the same old arks to mop the floor with some of these guys. So I decided to start toying around with a couple of the arks that don’t enjoy the same level of popularity as these other arks to spice things up a little and one of the arks I actually thought was pretty useful and underrated is Knighthawk. Yes, its only 4.5 stars and it dies very easily and its stats are abysmal, but I figured out a way to properly use it on my team. First looking at its abilities, Knighthawk can make to be a pretty good supporting ark to increase the survivability of its allies.

Guardian- Forces enemy to attack Knighthawk
Reinforce- Increase defense and resist of team by 223
Wanestrike- Reduce attack and magic of two enemy arks by around 100
Haste- reduce TU costs of team

First, its fairly similar to Halopard in that they both have have Haste and Reinforce though Halopard isnt as easily killed (though still easy to kill) than Knighthawk and can heal with offering. Of course Halopard is much better than Knighthawk though Pvp doesnt allow duplicates and Halopard cant be in two places at once so I use Knighthawk to support my arks in one part of my team and Halopard to support another part. Plus Knighthawk has wanestrike which combined with reinforce, makes it difficult for the enemy to take kn your other two arks (Knighthawk still takes a lot of damage though isnt one shotted that easily).

In order to get Knighthawk out safely without getting one shotted, I had stun skinners go ahead before it so they die and Knighthawk comes out safely accompanied by heavy hitters. The enemy arks are stunned long enough for knighthawk to haste and reinforce its allies. I used Luxknight because its defense stats are good, it can deal some good damage, and being a holy ark, it has no weaknesses, and Arkwing because its a strong, versatile, heavy hitter. I try to use wanestrike on enemy arks with no aoe to weaken them while having Luxknight and Arkwing take out those that do have aoe and then have knighthawk use guardian so that those single target arks won’t be able to touch Arkwing or Luxknight and when it dies, then I have Anubis come out, guardian, and when its low, use offering to heal Arkwing and Luxknight, then i had Barricadus come out whose fang breaker works great with reinforced Arkwing and luxknight.

I’ve been using Knighthawk for several matches now and I’ve been winning quite alot of matches with him on my team. I also tried doing matches without any egg or OM arks with this strategy, and still have been winning many matches. Anyways, thats my little essay on the awesomeness of knighthawk. Maybe I’ve intrigued and compelled a couple of you to try Knighthawk out, or maybe a lot of you still think Knighthawk is trash. I just wanna see more variety in pvp instead of the usual stego/char team or the shadowstalker/chopperbug team, or the dragon aoe spam team. Any thoughts on this?

Yep, the two are pretty sick monsters.

Some people still call halopard weak though… For me I love halopard… knighthawk… maybe not so much…

but if lethalmilk says so haha… he’s an expert in pvp…

This is a quality post, like!

Taijd, yes I am surprised that that person called Halopad weak. I have used it in PVP and am amazed by its support power.

Yeah I would probably pick Halopard over Knighthawk because of better stats and holy element and I like cats, especially glowing yellow ones with halos. But I use both of them on my team to great effect.

Thnx man.

Hahaha. “I like cats”

That’s the only reason I need :wink:

But yeah, Halopard is better…but we can’t have two of em, so Knighthawk works as well.