Where should I implement haniwel? Or should I?

My current line up is

Metallodious, chopperbug, arkwing, pegasion, luxknight, barricadus, stegospike, gremknight, omegawyrm, raioh, Plasmorex, nilomoth, raijin, angelon, don penguini.

Just received haniwel from the OM, is it worth putting in the line-up or not? Anyone’s ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Yes, it is. I would kick out metallodious and put hani between pegasion and luxknight. Btw I wouldn’t use plasmorex and stegospike anymore lol cuz plasmo does too easily and stegos is being nerfed, so yeah…

What would you use instead? I’m working with only catchable arks and hani as my only OM.

Ok let’s see…can you give me a list of all the egg only arks you have or OM arks? I’ll try to help you with what I can :slight_smile:

Since Stegospike isn’t nerfed yet, there’s no harm in keeping him in.  You could replace Plasmorex with a Magmawyrm.

Alright. Check out my guide, its the holy attack. Put it after a volvoxon. Volvoxon can use holyvoid, protecting your monsters from holy force. Life flip can also be used when health gets low, seeing as chances are, that your monsters are at fairly low health, and you can life flip wih haniwel, because holyvoid shoudve worn off.

I’m thinking about replacing plasmo and raioh with the Volv and hani. Should i?

Well, the current metagame is a ton of egg only arks, but i think i would replace plasmorex and stego spike. Stego spike is overpowered, and using stego is just digging yourself into a hole until the update comes out, and then you lose because you were too used to stego. Plasmorex because all of his attacks take 250 Time units, and it is one shot by any holy monster.

And, omegawyrm would be pretty goo after nilo, so you can take full advantage of vengeance. Using a omegawyrm raioh angelon don penguini combo is also very good. Some of Tiberius’s guides explain how it works, and it works very well. If you do this, you could get rid of rajin for a stronger monster.

I suggest browsing through the “having trouble with pvp” topic, it has tons of good strategies that dont involve egg only monsters. Also, some of tib’s strategies dont involve egg only monsters. I suggest this because taking out stego will dramatically reduce the wins of your team, making it not very good once stego is nerfed, so a new team might be good.

I notice most people in the Master League has stopped using Hani, myself included.

I still use it in masters. Time it right and you can flip the match right over. People always do aoe and there you go full life again and your chance to attack lol