Holy help

So I’ve been playing the game for a little while now, and ran across a fair amount of holy arks. Their heal options are self destructive, and they don’t do much damage. My question is are holy even worth investing in?

Heal attacks dont do damage

Halopard - One of the best monsters in the game for its supporting capabilities in PvP.

Angelon - Currently one of the best PvP monsters for its support and decent damage.

Luxknight - A great monster due to its amazing stats and bulkiness. Not many monsters can use a bane move on him.

Guardiron - Unreleased, an amazing monster. Very powerful and decent support.

Ironheart - Unreleased, one of the best strategically.

Pegasion - Currently available in golden eggs, a fantastic strategic monster due to sendback and purify. Can counter many tough strategies and support others.

Astroleon - Currently available in golden eggs. Good stats, good moves. Not my favorite, but it’s nice.

Haniwel - Last week’s OM. Decent stats, decent support. Good monster, but not the best.

Anubis - Arena Prize. Good support, great monster for now…

And there is Tiberius , the allknowing dragon legend

More like the “sorta-knowing nolife.”