New way to get gold

There should be a way to trade silver for gold . I understand it should be alot,like 1,000 silver pieves for 1 gold piece,or even more.This would be a great featurebecause theres only so many way to get gold without spending alot of money :wink:


There is already a lot of ways to earn gold. You get 2.5k gold through the story and more. Not to mention all those gold eggs you get (that’s 300 gold each time you get one). And the more gold eggs you get in the infinite dungeon and OM. Which are still free, I might add.

That’s 25 USD, guys. I don’t have any other version so I can’t tell you the price of it in other countries, but it’s basically equivalent. 

25 USD. That’s a lot. You think it’s not, but 25 USD is 1/4 of 100 USD. And this is per savefile. So basically if you run through the game, get all the gold eggs, do some little infinite dungeon and maybe some PvP, you’ll be getting about 75 USD worth of FREE gold.

That’s a lot. 

It really is.

I’m aware some people can’t purchase these things. I am one of those people, but I appreciate what the game gives me. I appreciate it a lot. Honestly, I’m baffled at how much gold I get, but very, very, very satisfied and pretty regretful that I can’t give anything back in return.

That’s what I feel about this suggestion in a nutshell.

Just my two cents. Feel free to continue discussion. ^^

++I also have to add that silver to gold transitions can be hacked easier.