Here's a suggestion for ya

I would like to see a way to change my arks color.
Buy a new skin/paint or whatever you would want to call it. You could make the price change by rarity or “cooler” colors. Start at 200k, and have them go up by 50k or so. This is silver I’m talking about.

Now why silver? After buying the orcanas, the only other thing that is viable to buy is a level up booster. One of the main issues I have noticed talked about, is the longevity of this game. Level boosters do not help it, they make it worse. By making these colors cost quite a bit more, it will at some point or another, require grinding for silver. Grinding= playtime.

Now if adjustments were made to the amount of silver earned the farther you get in the infinite dungeon, it would give a HUGE incentive to level up characters and keep playing. Everyone loves to customize their team visually.

It doesn’t have to stop at just colors, you could design armor “paints” for arks and so on.

If this is taken into consideration, don’t do a bone head move and put them in the eggs.

Sounds good to me.

For these skins, maybe you guys can kind of copy what League of Legends or other Free to Play games do.  Where you pay actual money to customize your characters.  It doesn’t change anything gameplay wise.  To keep your idea of using silver why not their be regular skins that cost silver and special (legendary, premium skins whatever you want to call it) that cost gold.  Just food for thought.

Silver would take longer to earn in my opinion. without randomized eggs, it’s very possible to earn more than what $100 real money would buy you in gold, in less than 10 mins.


This indeed are personas or alpha’s haha, u played Geomon?

No, I havnt play that. If it’s the same concept, then maybe the Devs can look there for some ideas as well.

I find it more interesting as mutations than as personas

Sorry but if were going to make different colored Arkadions, can we call it anything BUT personas?

Personas are unique to Geomon, as shinies are to Pokemon

Let’s find something different for Hunter Island

No one wants to call it personas. It was just brought up because of the similarity. In Geomon personas costed tokens (premium currency) so i think it should be like this here too. No alternating the stats, it’s just prosthetic.

What about Arkattires?





I think “attire” sounds nice. Or simply “skin”. 

I like the sound of mutations, personally

Also, for the case of these, I think these ones should be…rare. Extremely rare

Like walk around and hope to find one but never seen one rare

Rare or extremly rare , it doesnt matter to me! This would take my whole life again

Mutations i like indeed … I just said personas because what we are talking about are very similar to personas in geomon but mutations sounds good and exactly sounds good with HI they can also make a newstoryline supposedly " suddenly i hear a odd sound , let me take a look ! what!!! What are these creatures , " then you start to see different kinds of nilo , or hatchlings you know ect…

I totally love this mutation idea

Yess i was thinking the same thing , you should of to hunt them dowm … Like hatchlings spawn rate ? Or even a bit lower… Idk

Ofcourse you do alpha lover haha …

Think this is fair, like beynd fair!

To avoid the mass amounts off gold, why not make skins that cost silver low end change up stuff available to everyone… and skins you can buy for a straight money. Range: $1-$10 maybe the $10 pack be a bundle of skins. Keep gold out of it if there is a money making aspect like in LoL, don’t use gold, straight charge. just nothing to pricey.

NIce skins: $1

Moderate change up: $2

Legendary skin with crazy visual effects on the ARK’s abilities: $5

Bundle pack: Includes several skins (at least 10) $10

My two cents