Buying eggs

Guys we should be able to buy eggs for silver cuz now I have no way to get gold as I have no credit card :frowning: and pvp takes too long:(. Like maybe 100000 silver for a gold egg and 50000 for normal egg. Or maybe every time you defeat a match with arks there’s like a chance to get like 10 to 50 gold?

I read that eggs can be gotten through Infinite Dungeon.

I honestly don’t think that eggs are worth spending your gold on over a 100% capture card, but that’s just my opinion. Also, you can get some gold from side missions, but you probably already knew that.

Buying eggs with silver can cause a lot of problems with hackers because they could easily IAP hack the silver/gold…
But the good news is that I heard the next update will get rid of all these hackers :slight_smile:
And also silver can be easily farmed through high level areas

Supposedly they gonna get banned

And of course this would majorly reduce the money this game is making. Unfortunately, that’s something that is required to keep the game moving forward.