[Idea Sketch] Free SSR Quest

I have already talked about the possibility of this in a previous post, so I’ll try to keep this short and crisp.

Most Gacha games had this system before and incorporating it into this game would be nice. This is a system where the player would go through quests involving a strenuous amount of effort to get a “free” legendary character. Brave Frontier, one of the forerunners of the Gacha game industry, had this system of trials where players would try to beat a boss who they could catch and use in their team. Epic 7, one of the more popular status quo games, involves a system of specialty change where a very weak 3-star character could go through a character change after numerous requirement was fulfilled.

Adding this kind of Free SSR Quest could level out the playing field in PVP (everyone would have access to this character) and it could also possibly incentivize people to spend more money (they can see how impactful SSRs are and try to spend money to attain their very own).

Recently, I saw a post on Reddit talking about what use the cows have. Currently, the cows don’t seem to represent anything other than a decoration. Maybe we could add a special twist to these seemingly useless cows.

After the player finishes Act 1, the player could revisit Rigland city. The player would then notice that a cow dressed in an unorthodox manner is stopping he or she’s way. The player would then begin a journey throughout act 1 of solving a number of puzzles and fighting a number of monsters to come before a supreme cow deity (or something), who would then be fought and added to the player’s inventory.

The idea behind this is that the environment of Evertale is truly beautiful and the yellow arrow forces the audience to become oblivious of their surrounding. As cows are literally everywhere, if we forced the player base to search for these cows to finish this quest, then they would be able to experience the beauty of the game.

A basic blueprint of what the quest could look like. The quest idea is extremely shallow. If the devs are going to adopt this idea in any way, changing the story would be a priority.

  1. Cow blocks the player’s path back to Rigland City
  2. Cow talks about how a prophecy or something of those likes has drawn her to the player.
  3. Player gets angry with the cow’s absurdity. Asks Cow to leave.
  4. Cow gets angry at the player for not listening to her warnings and engages into combat with the player
  5. The player wins and the cow places a curse on the player. Henceforth, every cow in the world starts engaging in combat with the player.
  6. Some cows that the player fights could force the player to go through a puzzle.
  7. After all the cows are defeated, a portal opens up next to the player and pulls the player into another dimension.
  8. A cow deity could be waiting in that dimension rambling on about this clearly fake prophecy.
  9. Player defeats cow deity
  10. Cow deity concedes that he was only trying to convert the player into a vegan.

I think the main goal for a free SSR like this is that it must be utility-based. PVP games with a free utility SSR like this could allow for more strategic games. The goal of this SSR is to be applicable in most team compositions.

(name undecided)
Leader Skill: Allied units have their ATK increased by 10% (The goal of this unit is for it to be a sub, so the leader skill should intentionally be weaker than other SSR leader skills)
HP (at lvl 60) --> 8750
ATK (at lvl 60) --> 1400
SPD (at lvl 60) --> 300
ABILITY 1 --> Attack 130TU (Damage to 1 enemy and allies gain 2 spirit)
ABILITY 2 --> Give Turn 200TU (give turn to one ally)
ABILITY 3 --> Qucken Ally 70TU (1 ally’s TU costs for all of their skills are reduced by 20%)
ABILITY 4 --> Salad 150TU (Buff team’s ATK for 100 TU)

Hope you guys like it!
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Everything was good untill I read “salad” !! :sweat_smile:

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Uhh, interesting

This would be such a good Easter egg, but knowing Zigzag, even if they did this, it would be disappointingly short and the SSR at the end would be a waifu dressed in an extra-small cow-styled bikini :skull:

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