I will not recommend this game until the PVP glitch is resolved.

I’ve been patiently waiting for a fix, just like most of the player base has. At this point it’s absolutely ludicrous that the glitch has been affecting PVP battles for so long without being resolved. Get it together, devs – or the game’s earning potential will crumble.

Just so you know, in programming, things don’t just happen instantly. And also, maybe you should be yelling at Apple. The developers have to wait for Apple to approve the update. Go complain at them and tell them to hurry up, please. And tell them you’ll stop using their Apple devices if they don’t. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing to recommend the game, because it’s a great game and worth sharing to people. And because threatening to not support the game is more likely to end in it being discontinued than end in it being fixed. (Especially when Apple’s approval process is outside of their control).

When in doubt, blame Apple. Ahahaha.

I’ve been screwed thanks to glitches more than most of you…probably.

Yet I still recommend this game to friends. Why? Cuz it’s fun. So yeah…

Apple may share some responsibility, but this game shouldn’t have been released w/ bugs like this. And I won’t threaten to stop using apple devices – because I simply won’t stop using them. But this is different.

Let me be clear: This is one of my favorite single-player iOS games. But with PVP it makes it incredibly frustrating.

We beta tested this game for months and did not see these glitches. Things happen when you add thousands and thousands of players. You can only do so much when you’re human and unable to predict the future. They did their best to make it work, and a few things went wrong. That’s life. They’re working on fixing it now.

This is their first time dealing with PvP, I suggest you give them a break. It’s not really that serious of an issue as it is. 

All games have bugs when they are just released. Working things out takes time. They’re busy people, as we are. You must understand.

Just be patient, it’ll get fixed soon enough~

Still an amazing game. Seems alot of people always bash a game because of simple glitches.

It’s frustrating yes but its fixable.

Seriously, beta testing had worked out tons of bugs

When we added you guys, bugs popped up when they weren’t expected :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously folks, please have patience

sorry about this, the match making part is handled by apple servers (gamecenter server), we are trying to learn how to use it better. we will try to improve it, but we haven’t found a clear fix to be honest. we will make an attempt to fix it (we cant be sure as we cant reproduce a lot of the pvp bugs) in the next update, but since apple has end part of december off, it will most likely be early Jan. 


Just blame Apple :stuck_out_tongue:

What pvp glitch o.O

When you win, it glitches and you lose.

Imo getting a loss dont bother me too much. No one is ever going to stay undefeated. It is slightly annoying i get it but just remember its not as easy as most think to fix every bug a game has. I used to program for a living and some bug fixes can severely damage a game sometimes. Other times its just a matter of finding the code that is causing the error to happen which can be very difficult or very easy. Things can be more difficult when the errors dont occur on a server u can readily search through. So just be a little patient people.

I swear ppl might be BS’ing because i never came across that glitch or any other typa glitch

They have been confirmed and recognized by many of the experienced players.

So no. I don’t think so, at least.

Thank you for all of the replies. I posted this topic for a number of reasons:

  1. I am a huge fan of both Dragon Island Blue & Hunter Island, as well as the devs & their game structure.

  2. I think the devs deserve an honest & candid opinion from someone who is not invested in the game and is a non-beta user. I’m here to help.

  3. I recently went through a stretch of about 20 PVP matches where approx. 80% of those were affected by the PVP glitch. This led to multiple demotions, loss of diamonds, and a headache.

Perhaps it’s a good sign that my patience has been tested…it signifies that through all of the frustration, I still want to play.

Look on the bright side.  At least it HAS PVP.   It will get better, we just have to be patient.  If it’s mainly around the automatching? You can join some tournaments and do gamecenter friend requests.  Or does it affect both?

As pointed out, some bugs are notoriously pesky to iron out if the devs can adequately reproduce them under controlled conditions.