Please FIX PVP

This is really starting to piss me off. I win a game and it says defeated, this has happened to me multiple times. It seems to always happen when I’m on a 2 game streak about to win my third and I dominate a battle and then guess what DEFEAT. What? I spent a lot of money on this game and time playing it because I think it is an awesome game, but when this crap happens it makes me want to put the game down and not pick it back up…

Just wait till the update Thats all i can say now

The update is coming.

I’m not sure what the hold up is but all we can do is wait

We (including the developers) are well aware of the issues with PvP, and I’m quite sure that they’re fixed already. We just need to wait for it to come out. 

If you would read the forums, you would realize this has been discussed in depth already.

The plan for the update I heard is to be released concurrently with the end of the season. Come back in 1.5 weeks. :). Or stop PVPing until then at least. That’s what I’ve done.

Yeah I know I was mainly just venting haha. I do really like this game a lot and I feel I have gotten my moneys worth for the time I have put in to it. So yeah this was just me getting mad and over reacting a little bit haha.

don’t worry updates fix pvp bugs and stuff be patient :slight_smile:

Will do! I’m really excited for the update, this game has been pretty much the only game I’ve been playing on my phone since November haha.

The PVP bugs are extremely annoying and after getting 10/10 Win/Loss bugs in a row I stopped playing for a week. But the game called out to me… Oh well, hope the update is soon, as season 2 has just started.

Does anyone know if the update will be something applied automatically or something that needs to be downloaded through the app store?

With how big it’s probably going to be, it’ll be download