PvP all time low because...

Congrats stego+charca abusers. You are the main reason for people to have stopped playing pvp.

I have noticed that for the past three days pvp has been slower to find an opponent (any time of the day).

In the past I used to run into the stego+charca 2-3 times out of 10. I never once complained because even if I lost those 2-3 games, I would still be able to win 5-6 games. And I have NO EGG monsters. Playing as an underdog vs teams with egg monsters is fun.

It is incredibly frustrating playing vs this stun combo. Especially the last three days; more than half of my battles are vs these abusers.

I’m done with pvp and the game until it is fixed.
Hopefully sooner than better. Because We are not gaining new players and at the same time we are losing current players.

Good luck to you abusers. If getting a godly record for pvp was your goal, good job… you have achieved that. If your other job was to kill pvp, great job too… you have far exceeded your own expectations.


Send an email to Apple with a copy of your rant and tell them to hurry up and approve the update.

what? truth hurts?

Even though it is a rant, it is pure truth.

If anyone should have fire in their pants it is the developers, not the players. Games come and go, some of them die faster, some of them die slower. It’s up to the developer to fix the problems.

You can say they have submitted the ‘fix’ to Apple and that they are just waiting for the seal of approval. But work doesn’t stop there…

Dude, they can only work so fast and the hold up is on Apple, not the Devs

I understand you’re upset but for the love of all things holy, chill

They’re a four man team. They can only work so fast, especially with them working on Cosmic Island as well

And no one ever said they were “done” updating HI either, so I don’t know where you got that idea.

Got to love hackers or beta testers. And got love the same old pathetic stego charca combo
And before anyone says it cant be a hacker. Yes it can. Very easy to do. Using ifile copy the code for an orbling and paste as many as you need toa dd them

That’s not a beta, I can guarantee you that, just from the name.

This work does, because this problem you’re complaining about is fixed already and we’re waiting for Apple.

The work that doesn’t stop doesn’t pertain to your post. 

Then its a hacker. He had no skill. Reported him anyway as noone has legitamately got kamiwyrm through pvp.

No one is in public pvp. I have been searching for 2 hours. just fought with 6 people… & 3 of the 6 are the stego, charc combo

Same here. Very difficult to find people in public PVP. It was not like this before. And yes most teams found in public PVP are the stego charc combo.

Despite all the “blame Apple” comments, fewer people are in public PVP, this is a fact. Let’s hope that they are just waiting for the update rather than leaving the game.

Will Apple listen to us if we say we need the update?

Are we allowed to know what is coming in the next update??

First, come by to the chat so we can pvp… :slight_smile:

Decided to fight fire with fire and yse stego char combo lol

I hate it that we still have to wait for the update

Yes this update is really slow at being released. I think were on 3 weeks of waiting now. Maybe more. And the pvp is getting worse now its just force closing my fights near the end as im about to win. I will give it till next saturday if no update then im done. I enjoy pvping in my spare time but not at the expense of auto lose


If traffic is low in pvp, feel free to send me a req anytime. My id is adnyandy. I use egg and in game monsters, but no stego/char combo.

The way I see it is that the game won’t be getting any constant flow of new players.

  1. new players trying to pvp, will run into the stego+charca abusers many time. They will feel helpless since they can’t even play a turn. Result? they quit for good.
  2. also take into consideration that many, many players don’t even come to the forums. Therefor, 90% of the people don’t even know if there is an update coming. Result? They quit.
  3. the current small amount of players are quitting by the day. pvp is bogus at best and egg-timing are the main problems (tbh, i don’t even care for egg-timers). The game is losing players left and right, and not getting any flow of new players. Result? game will die sooner than later. Few people will play offline. PvP is the main attraction for this game.

I could write a few more reasons. But this honestly suffices. If this isn’t self-explanatory, then i don’t know what is.

Sort of on the topic of this - I started PVP for the first time last night and got some mixed reactions. Either I played against people way too good for me and got owned without doing much damage myself. But then I also had a few hard fought battles which I won, only to be told I lost. Does this happen much? Out of approx 7 matches that I won by far, in 3 of them I it the defeat message at the end after wiping out the last ark in their team?