This is getting annoying!

This has happened to me over and over again and its getting really annoying… I am playing PVP and every time I win, it say i got defeated. I have gone all the way down to the rookie level and cannot leave it because every time i beat someone, it says that i lost! Furthermore, im playing against Arkadions ive never seen before that are supposed to be “uncatchable” IS this happening with anyone else??? I am getting kinda tired of waiting for this “update” that will fix everything but is this update going to happen anytime soon? I love the game, and its a shame that the online portion is getting hacked so easy and/or broken… I really cant do anything online anymore and i beat the story so i am at a loss. Could someone please tell me when the update will come or if it will ever come? Other games solve these problems almost immediately after they are found and yet on this game it  is taking a real long time…  

Yes it will come. Yes its annoying but have paitence. The admins want this update to perminetly stop the hacks and bugs so please give them time to do it right :3

Unfortunately, these issues can’t be solved “immediately” when you’re on iOS. Apple tends to take quite some time to approve apps. And, if you’ve ever programmed before, you realize that you don’t really just snap your fingers and it magically gets fixed. It takes work. 

I know it’s frustrating, but patience is the key. Don’t PvP until it’s fixed if it angers you so much. Otherwise put up with the occasional false loss. I put up with it, it’s not the end of the world. 

The key is to find out what triggers the glitch.

My guessing would be we have to use an active skill to finish off the opponent.

The glitch occurred to me when (i) opponent’s last Ark suicide and (ii) I use plague to kill the opponent’s last Ark.

I have been making sure to finish off the opponent with an active skill and since then the glitch hasn’t occurred to me.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Tylenol,

I know its frustrating (50% win ratio here) but I’m sure you’ve read the forums and seen a fix is coming.

Necessary to create a new thread? -probably not

Understandable as to why you did? - yes

But at the end of the day you are frustrated because you keep getting “wins” and you keep going for more PVP. This tells me you are enjoying yourself to some degree. For now, I’d pvp casually to get gems and wait for the glorius day when I can face roll some peeps. 

Dont forget that even with your frustration you are having fun in there somewhere, otherwise you wouldn’t keep trying.