I used my 40 gems for the Newcomer 10 in 1 and didn't get any Guarateed Mythic

I bought them three times.
First time I got my Mythic
But next two tries were insufficient. Second was 10 epic+superepic 0 legendary and 0 Mythic
Third was only 5 epic+superepic, none legendary and none Mythic.
I wasted my money
Wrote to the support, they just ignore me second day

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Actually only one banner with 20 paid gems has a guaranteed mythic option.
The rest two paid packs(worth 10 paid gems ) are just like normal packs but cheaper.
Bad luck with those two pack

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Actually you need to do 10 diffrent packs to get the guaranteed mythic

you need to open 10 packs for guaranteed mythics.and welcome to the neo monsters

Okay, then why in description written that every 10th-20th-30th and etc. is guaranteed Mythic ?Screenshot_20210913-202144_Neo Monsters|690x310
I don’t understand

To be clear, you need to open 10 10 eggs packs. Need to spend 400 gems for a guarantee mythic.

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It says 10th in 10 in 1 pack means after 10 packs you will get the mythic

Do you see hatch 10? You need to open that 10 times for a guaranteed mythic. Similarly you are guaranteed mythic in 20 the, 30th … Hatch 10 packs.

And third one was only 5 monsters instead of 10
Could you explain?

Could you perhaps give more details

Seems like some are giving you a general idea how everything works so Welcome to the forum and welcome to Neo Monsters.

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Ah, I see now. I see. But anyway, Why not 10 monsters in the third pack? Only five ones

Every hatch 10 pack has to give 10 monsters. If you spend 40 gems , you get 10 monsters. If you already have copy of the monster, then you won’t get any new monster. That’s probably the reason why you got only 5 NEW monsters. Rest were copies of monsters which you already have. If you get a copy of monster you already have, the bonus increases

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Do you mean that time bonus? But why this doesn’t work on the monsters I capture and get as bonus in the four guardian beasts?

More info about bonus KD's Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide - #2 by Killerdog

Basically, the bonus will not increase by capturing monsters - otherwise it’s easy to get to full bonus by capturing multiple times.The bonus only increases when you get an extra copy of same monsters by hatching eggs using gems. The other way to increase bonus is to spend potions. If you are a new player, don’t bother too much about bonus now. Just know that many times you can get a copy of epic or super epic monsters which you already have through hatching eggs. For example, many times I get 0 new monsters even in 10 egg monster hatches since I already have most of epics and super epics in the game.

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means that every 100 gems is guaranteed a mythical

Nope, every 400 gems.

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yes, they say every 10 packages of 40

Your maths has flaws bruh

Yes, I don’t even know what I understood, ignore my first message, I don’t even understand it

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