I spent 40 gems on the offer that if there were 10 eggs at a time, it would guarantee me a mythical and the most they gave me were 2 super epics and 8 epics, I thought it was guaranteed and not a scam, can someone explain what happened?

I don’t remember any banners with guaranteed mythics recently, can you post a screenshot of that banner?

Its 10 packs, u need to use 400 gems i think

Sorry to hear you expected something different but be careful to read those things in detail. I presume you’re talking about the Newcomer’s Festival? As others have said, it’s for 10x 10-packs that you get the final (100th) egg automatically being a mythic.

It’s ok, thanks for clarifying, I haven’t been playing for a long time, thank you all and I hope to progress little by little, good luck.

I’m a beginner I don’t have that many gems but I’ll use 40 again to see if I’m lucky this time and something good falls on me or what do you advise me, what are you waiting for? any advice from veterans that I can use?

Save 489 gems for the shrine.

I proofed on my 2nd account that saving gems in a radical way (I didn’t spend 1 gem) is possible to reach the shrine quickly.

Actually is better to hatch for novadrake first then save 500.(u generally get to 260-300 easily )
Novadrake gives u easy nd fast win in pvp , and helps u complete the entire chp 28 ez and various online story modes as well.
It also helps in many online events as well .
Ps good odds in newcomer banners :sweat_smile: nd u can hatch the remaining on tricarnium (remember it takes no omegamids to evolve so it is very easy nd effective fr newbies)

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