I sent some photos to a person and among those was my restore code, I didn't realize when I sent it and this person eliminated all the monsters and released all my gems.

In the time I’ve been playing neo monsters I’ve seen that several times, so you have to be very careful who you send your photos to. I don’t know if the dev can help him, because as far as I know to be able to delete the monsters you must be online in the game and those changes are saved on the server, but anyway I hope you receive help, It is very painful to see how all your effort is lost by an idiot who does not know how to value the efforts of others… I really hope they can help you.


Good response. Squinty knew exactly what you were trying to say but he pointed out the typo because he knows you use a translator


This doesn’t just extend to Neo :rofl: Life advice right there!


If it seems that despite my bad English I manage to find the right answer for this guy

This! @squinty1880 Don’t push your luck. This is the last warning I will ever give you. No more tolerance for your subtle racism.


@Dev_VKC Please help our partner :pray:


It’s easier in this life if you just don’t have friends to start with. (Speaking for myself) lol. Trust and accountability is one trait these humans lack. If I could go back to my planet I would. Unfortunately my ship crash was too much for my engine to handle.


Well, maybe it’s funny but it’s like that, just with the screenshots of the monsters in my account on a certain occasion they were “selling” my account out there, That’s why I don’t even send the screenshots of my monsters to anyone…by the way, I also use a translator.

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Why send someone pictures of his restore code ???

Thats own fault.

The other thing could someone show that he didnt trash his monster by his own fault after he was frustated to got nothing from hatchin .:man_shrugging:

In the past i hatch 2 times more than 600+ gems wirhout hatching a new legandary or mithic after that i think about it to trash all monsters to never play neo again :rofl::+1:

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As pointed out, they send a batch of photos, one of which included their restore code.

Can we quit victim blaming here?


I wouldn’t call it victim blaming. I’d call it laziness for not reading the details and realising the person is a victim, instead assuming they’re a careless fool. It’s going to happen when a thread is 33 posts long, it’s no biggie.

I hope panda can get his account sorted out! Sounds like a horrible, unexpected turn of events :frowning:


I’m not blaming,I’m advising him


@TNC_PANDA did this get resolved?
been wondering for a few weeks now?

Happy crack day :relieved::pray:

@TNC_PANDA yeah I hope everything resolved smoothly :{ even the situation sounds kinda desperate…


still not fixed i had to play with my other account

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there is always someone who does not know what he is talking about :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:, first you read and then you think,.:pray:



Fact is dont send pictures from your game .

Fact is he must send the restore code or tell someone the code .

Fact is : own fault :man_shrugging:

Fact is : dont send pics without a galvebane

1-Blaming the victim here doesn’t accomplish anything. If someone accidentally starts a fire in their house, should the fire department refuse to put it out because it’s the homeowner’s fault?

2-They thought that this person was a friend, and would have no reason to be overly cautious sending them images

3-They didn’t actually send an image of their restore code OR type it out. They send an unrelated image(possibly one requested by their friend), and that image happened to include their restore code.

4-Even IF they had literally typed their restore code out in a message, this still wouldn’t have been their fault. The person who did this was a friend that they trusted, and would have no reason to suspect that they would do anything bad to their save file