Restore code for my account

I need help. I need to use a restore code on my phone because I accidentally deleted my Neo monsters app, but I forgot my restore code. Please help


You’re kinda screwed

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Email them on their Facebook page and they will assist you. You will just have to provide some information. What your IGN was hero rank etc.

I would imagine they could trace your card details with your account. If you can match the card to the username that should prove its you :slight_smile:

This is going to sound dumb but can someone tell me where to find my restore code.

When you load the game, on the start screen it will say tap to reveal restore code and as if by magic it appears :blush:

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Thanks Lemonsqueezy really appreciate I just got the game and my new phone arrived so wanted to transfer thanks again thumbs up to you


i cannot find anything that says reveal restore code on the starting screen?



there’s nothing there

That’s… interesting

@Dev_VKC I literally don’t know

nice :frowning:

I just tagged a developer hopefully they know what happened with your game I’ve never seen that before lol

thanks i appreciate the help

Is your restore code there @Maddox_Pullen

Did you just start the game? If so there will be nothing there

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i did just start the game but i can’t progress because my phone’s broken so i can’t add new guys to my team so im stuck thats the whole reason why im trying to transfer it