I need add friend with some one have The Penguintor.

If any one have The penguintor and share it , Can u give me your Id ? I need it . Thank you.

If someone have room I want it too :wink:

12106795, I’ll put him in for you guys

Penguinator is nice for chambers of the statue.

All you really need for a chambers are 2 mega bombers and an auto poisoner.

For water- 4 stun bomb FL, then bombers then AP.

For electric- Same, but add two weak/water type protectors with HG on the FL and 2 stun bombers move back to queue.

For earth- same as water, but with a FL of purify/healers with the bombers in queue.

For fire- same as earth, but add a stun absorber at the end.

That’s really it. And make sure the bombers don’t have too different a time bonus from each other, or they’ll drift apart and the second wave of enemies might get a turn before your second bomber does. And don’t blow up unless you know that both bombers are primed.

This is for water ??? 

well, definitely not bazilogon, because he needs fodder to blow up. He also doesn’t have stealth in his second form, so he won’t be able to keep an even pace with pandogreen. You may also want to use the epic stun bombers if you have them, or just bring more bursters. But other than that, yep, that’s it. Pretty much a guaranteed win. :slight_smile: here are the specific teams I had in mind. You also have to poison all the enemies while waiting for the bombs so the poison kills them all at the same time. I always add a last bite friend in case of emergency too though.

For electric, u only need a last biter.

I don’t have it