Need help for chambers of the statue!

So, i cant really beat the chambers of the statue

Here is a list of my current team and all my monsters.

Can you guys please make a good team that could beat the chambers of the statue?

Thank you very much

How is it possible that you are playing Chamber of the statues event? There isn’t any chamber of the statue atm

I know, just when it comes out again

Find friend who have Penguinator or benedragon. It’ll make it easy.

What abilitys do they have?

Slayerbane all and double poison eater respectively.

Do anyone have them so i can add the person?

Also, use Rhino, Puffoxin and Taloknight for three garanteed kills with death revenge but don’t put them all next to each other as there is a chance all three will be killed at the same time and DR will hit the same enemy twice or even three times.

The first time I heated them my team was more weak then yours. I have 2 advice for you. Don’t use megabolt all. New players use it so much and it doesn’t help. 2 get poxiphon and the rhino one who have the death rollete and death revenge they will help you
I have penguini fully evolved now. I will give u my friend code

Oh nice, whats your friend code?

You can do 2 things with godfeather, the first thing you can do is last bite. Which will win you game single handedly. But doesn’t work so well in pvp.

In pvp you can have a frontline of godfeather, zephyrox, give turn dream hunt owl, and velocirex. This will shred a lot of lower level teams but has a problem when you hit the level where nightrider lines start. Which is around 500-600.

41380176 sorry for late replying I didn’t get any notification about your answer

For banedragon here is my friend code 15710333

Added you rctuga! Would love to add others! Definitely need help
All I have to offer is dragaia. My friend code is 55661409

Flarevern +6 54525632

we are friends now I’m sharing nightrider :slight_smile: