Any tips for chambers of the statue for f2p player?

Like is there any good free monster that can be use to make it easier? thanks.

all the monsters you are facing are affaected by stun and have a stun revenge so use timestrike with stun absorb protecter and you will be good to go this is what i ana using

Get 14 legendaries -> win event.

On a more serious note, picking a banedragon in your friend list will win you almost all of them as long as you keep the banedragon alive. Combine with stun, poison touch epics.

2 choices for Chambers. . .

Slot 1 = Last Biter


Slot 1-15 =  Stun bombs/stun bursts

Slot 16 = Last Biter

If you don’t have last biter

poison monster + protector/stun absorb.

poison touch each then poison massacre

and your still good

The story of your neo monsters’s life :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Best free monsters for this event are death revengers (2) Stun bursts (dunno exactly number of them but atleast 3) stun revengers and then poison revenges for going through HG. You definitely need atleast 5 timestrikers and Chorno is also good option :slight_smile:

Lol, I worked hard for mine. I have spun above 200 eggs. So I have around average luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will we ever need moliaths again if we have evolved everything that is possible at the moment? Don’t want to waste time for some useless ingrediates

You never know what the future holds

Hey thanks. I use your tactic and I already won against one.

NP, it was the easiest setup for new players.

glad to help. GL